I was thinking today that there is no end to the torment women will inflict upon themselves.


up to explain: Yesterday I grabbed a take-and-bake pizza from a Papa
Murphy’s store run by morons (but that’s a different story) and picked
up my kids from school.  I planned to have a pleasant Friday pizza-and-movie night, something they usually enjoy.


I could tell immediately, though, that it was going to be one of Those evenings with the kids.  You know, the ones where they begin squabbling before the car doors have even closed?  Tigger
hums, something she does only to irritate her sister, until Little Bit
screeches at her to stop, and then Tigger switches to whistling, also
to irritate her sister.  Little Bit fusses and whines about everything and nothing.  Sound familiar, moms?


At home Tigger moaned because I made her do her math homework before the movie.  Little Bit complained because I had chosen the film (Tuck Everlasting) rather than letting her pick some awful Scooby Doo thing. 


the movie the bickering continued, with Little Bit sitting in front of
the TV and refusing to move, and Tigger telling her “SHHHHH” every time
she whispered a question about the movie.


I yelled at them both.  Several times.  I hate that.  I wanted to go back to school pick-up time and start over again.  I was glad when they went to bed.


Now it’s Saturday and they’ve gone skiing with their dad.  Whenever they are a significant distance away from me, I worry that something terrible will befall them.  Today’s worry: what if the car crashes and they get killed, and the last evening I ever spent with them was THAT one?


Am I the only one that does this??

UPDATE:  Husband and children are home safe and sound. 

Anybody want my butternut squash curry recipe?  I made it up myself.  (And it was yummy.)




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  1. *first knocks wood*And in the worst case scenario that you imagined what would be the harm of that being your last night?Would they not know that you adored them beyond words, just because you had a ‘blah’ evening and yelled at them? I think not.

  2. You are most assuredly not the only person who does that.  And it doesn’t stop when they grow up.  My 21 year old daughter makes me crazy, and I’m sure I make her crazy too.  As much as I travel, I wonder if my plane is going to go down and her last memory of me will be nagging.

  3. While I don’t have kids and am likely to never have any of my own, I can say three things for sure.
    1. I see a lot of parents.  Tons of them.  From every sort of background and over the last fifteen years or so working with kids and parents and others, you are quite possibly the best parent I have ever seen.  Not that you don’t have your moments, but they are ALWAYS tempered with love and kindness.  I doubt that many parents can say the same.
    2. Your kids are the embodymenet of good kids.  They have all the normal inter-sibling rivalries and squabbels that go along with childhood, but they are smart, well adjusted and have more than thier fair share of attention and positive reinforcement from thier parents.  This is all due to you and T-geek’s devotion and caring, and whenever you think things like this, I’d invite you to remember that.
    3. Even if, Gods forfend, anything ever happened to you or your kids, I can bet that the happy times of snuggles, story time, games and all the other myriad wonderful things you have done with and for your kids would be the thing that you would remember.  By my estimation the good times outweigh the bad by such a huge margin that I don’t think it’s a stretch to think this.
    Ever your faithful — G.

  4. Thursday my daughter was rude to me and I was rude to her because that’s what we do sometimes.  Then we stomp off to our respective areas of the house and move on.
    And then….
    It’s really cold here now.  Yesterday before I left for work I battled with myself about whether to leave my daughter a note telling her not to warm her car up with the garage door closed.  You know, because of carbon monoxide.  She’s 21.  I left the note.  She rolled her eyes.  My thought?  What if I didn’t tell her and she didn’t think about it then something happened and we were ugly to each other and that was my last memory.  I guess it’s just a mom thing.  Well and probably a dad thing at times as well.
    Today we were ugly again but I was driving so I didn’t feel the need to worry.  🙂

  5. That last paragraph summed me up to a T! In trying so hard to be a perfect parent and protect my daughter to the utmost, I sometimes smother her. Now that she is 17 she lets me know quickly when I go into overprotective mode. But she thinks she knows everything and she thinks I am some fuddy duddy that fell over the turnip truck yesterday…..

  6. I can’t believe the two angels that I know ever squabble or behave badly.  Who are these children that are giving you a rough time?    BTW…my two kids were ALWAYS wonderful.   

  7. You have been a busy xangan, too much to catch up on! Shouldas and couldas are so unproductive!  Your kids will have great stories to tell and time softens the rough edges of all of our memories. Is Seattle’s snow all gone, I expect?

  8. I agree with Gunga Boy 100%.  You are the best mother I have ever seen.  Of course, I’d like to believe that it’s because of me, but the truth may well be that you are a great mother in spite of me!  Whatever the reason:  Stop eating your heart out!

  9. I don’t have kidlets, so I can’t relate. But I have a fairly dangerous job and when I leave the house and forget to kiss my wife goodbye, thoughts like that cross my mind. What is my job? Driving a 6 ton straight truck in all sorts of weather while dealing with people in cars who are either (1.) talking on a cell phone and not paying attention or (2.) just plain ignorant of the traffic laws. I should have become a cop, because I see enough ticket-worthy offenses on a daily basis to give me a six figure income.

  10. I’m not a mum or anything, but living away from family makes me often wonder if they’re okay. I try not to worry myself sick (I have a great tendency of doing that) but as my parents age, I get upset if they sprain an ankle or strain their backs from doing everyday things. At the same time, Mum gets all freaked out about me living on my own. I guess I got the paranoia from me? Gotta curb it LOL. Oh, and yea its perfectly normal to worry about stuff like that.

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