complained that I’ve been too political lately.  What, the rest of you
don’t follow AIDS issues obsessively too?  Also, he said my curry recipe
was vegan and therefore also political.  Well excuuuuuuuse me.  Ok, I’ll
give it a rest and print Tigger’s letter to Santa Claus.  It has since
been revised because we decided to do Chanukah this year instead, but
it’s still good reading.  And Santa reads blogs, right?  What else does he
have to do 364 days/year?

Santa, there is as much stuff as usual on my list.  However, please do not
send as many presents as you usually do.  We have too much stuff
already.  Please donate any extra presents you choose not to send to poor
children in my name.  I have been pretty good all year, or at least tried

An iPod

A laptop that can have iTunes and other stuff

Cheetah Girls 2 DVD


Cool art supplies

Nice clothing

A Fuzion

Good useful school supplies (pencils, stickys, etc.)


Stuff for my hamster

A cell phone

More books

Stuffed animals


I can’t think of anything else right now.  Merry Christmas!!!!


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27 thoughts on “

  1. LOL, a girl’s love of chocolate begins early, doesn’t it!  Besides the hamster stuff and Cheetah Girls (not sure what that is), I think I’d like most of the stuff on her list, myself! 
    My neighbor’s daughter is 16, and a couple of years ago, she began eating “vegan”, and she went from being quite chubby to thin as a rail – but a “healthy” thin.  There must be something to it!
    Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah – never sure which form to use)!

  2. Yes, me too. Confused, infact, as to why YOUR politics on YOUR blog is bad? Did I mention that it’s YOUR blog?! Gosh.”More books.” Smart cookie, that Tigger. Too cute.RYC: Yes, thank god for them. Atomic beauty abounds.

  3. Also – I googled “Fuzion” and came up with several things.. things which baffle me.Tires – She’s what… nine? or ten? I don’t think so.A speed monitor for the car – see aboveUnder-car LED lighting – Again, see aboveBubble tea – tea with tapioca in it.. this is the only plausible oneDiet pills – don’t think so!and (drumroll, please)a drug scale – honestly.So do tell your inquiring readers what it is exactly.

  4. Please tell Santa there’s no  Fuzion in Tigger’s  future unless he makes sure her health and accident insurance is paid up and his lawyer is on retainer in case of too close encounters with neighborhood buddys riding it.   Hope Lil Bit got her lunch.

  5. GAH! I feel so old–I remember wanting a really kick-ass Technics turntable with a Proton amplifier and either Advent or Dali speakers.  Oh, and then I wanted an Atari so I could play Ms. PacMan…and a Rubik’s Cube….I know I never asked for clothes, and of course, the only cell/car phones that existed looked like the one that Mannix had–a rotary phone (regular size!) next to his glove compartment.  I think I’m going to attach that onion to my belt now…
    RYC: The “prize” wasn’t free–I might receive it if I fill out 40 minutes worth of questionnaires.  How do I know that it took 40 minutes? Because it was slow at work, and I wanted to see what would happen.  If you didn’t want anything, you ended up with a weird error message, but if you pretended you smoked, etc., you could get the card…IF you paid for a month’s worth of AOL, signed up for a credit card, etc. Stupid scammers–don’t they know that there are people who have nothing to do but sit and see if they can actually get a Wal-Mart gift card?!

  6. Hi-tech electronics and stuffed animals…There’s a girl between two stages, eh?Maybe ‘that other blog’ for your politics and this one to entertain us shallow people in your ususal, lighthearted manner.

  7. I’m glad to know Santa is non-denominational, and I sure hope some poor kid gets an iPod. Actually, her list looks surprisingly like Youngest’s. What do they think? We have money tree in the back yard? Oh wait. . .it’s Santa. Stupid rich Santa.

  8. You know, for a long time I wanted to be middle-aged because then I’d be surrounded by smarter lifeforms. I’ve since realized that the ratio of smart-to-stupid human beings probably remains proposition even as age increases. There’s just different things to be stupid about.

  9. 1) The above comment was replying to your comment about how you’re glad you’re old. 2) I meant to say proportionate, not proposition. I swear on my holy atheist soul that I usually have impeccable grammar and spelling.

  10. That’s so sweet that she wants to be giving even while she’s asking for those goodies! Wish I could hear Tigger’s voice ( I have no speakers on my system right now). but I can’t. I’m sure Santa likes that Tigger thought of the other kiddos, too…that should be worth some extra present points, dontcha think? 🙂 Lisa

  11. An amazing Christmas / Hannukah list.  I think probably typical of lots of kids today.  I am glad no kids at home anymore as I couldn’t fulfill it not because I didn’t want to.
    I saved your Butternut Squash Curry recipe.  It sounds yummy to me and Vegan or not and I noticed a choice to add meat, and though I am not vegan, we eat a lot of no meat meals.  I hope to try it out.
    I also read your article on AIDS and safe needle sites.  I totally, 100% agree with what you wrote.  Politics today as far as I am able to tell are made up by people who still have something stuck to them from when there head was up there arse.  Safe needle sites shows real intelligence and it’s adoption everywhere would cut back on expense in medical care per AIDS infections and other infections as well.  I thank God for any condition put into place that will make lives better and needle sites make life better for the addict as well as cutting expenses for the taxpayer.
    Consider this:  Is it possible the big money makers in ours and other societies don’t want improvement in conditions for example the addict as there is too much money to be made by the poor condition these people exist in.  Nursing homes and hospitals survive on sick people, not well people.  Lobbys for big money and governments filled with people who seem to consistently vote against what I think the general population seems to desire make me wonder.   My sister worked for the state of Ohio and she has always been of the persuasion that drugs should be legalized and then controlled as it would make things cleaner, consistent in recipe and would stop illegal imports as they would become un-necessary and the drug sellers would be off the street and out of business.  I would vote for that one in a heartbeat.
    Merry Christmas and thank God for people involved in the right way to do things. 

  12. RYC: True, one can attribute anything to God if one is inclined.  Also, if one is inclined he/she could attribute pretty much anything to an absence of God.  Christianity, Atheism, Islam….they’re all faith.
    How is a vegan recipe political?  lol

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