The Ryan White Act for continued funding for people living with
HIV/AIDS was approved this morning around 2 a.m., according to a
representative for Congresswoman Mary Bono.

provisions contained in this critical piece of legislation will ensure
that necessary life-saving treatments and services continue,” Bono said
in a press release.






to anyone that actually picked up the phone and called the offices of
Dennis Hastert and John Boehner to urge them to pass the Ryan White
CARE Act Reauthorization.  I won’t bore you
with the ins and outs of the politics surrounding this legislation, but
it has been a long, long road to reach a compromise version that
everyone was happy with.  The Senate passed it on Tuesday, and the AIDS advocacy community was REALLY hoping the House would pass it today.  But as far as I can tell from scouring news reports, they didn’t vote on it.  So,
the future of a large number of organizations that serve people with
AIDS is still teetering on the brink of disaster while Congress goes on


Now, I am sorely tempted to blog upon this vile pile of hateful lies regarding Mary Cheney (the Vice President’s gay daughter’s) pregnancy, not to mention all the vitriol being spewed by the “Concerned Women of America,” and other right-wing groups, but instead I will just say something (relatively) nice.  My (generally limited) esteem for the Vice President went up a whole bunch of notches when I read this:


vice president and Mrs. Cheney are looking forward with eager
anticipation to the arrival of their sixth grandchild,” Cheney’s
spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride told ABC News.


…and furthermore:


White House spokeswoman, Dana Perino, said that when Mr Cheney told the
President, George Bush, of Mary Cheney’s pregnancy, “the President
congratulated them and said he is very happy for them”.


…making Bush and Cheney my favorite politicians for the day.  Who’d a thunk it?


Cheney on gay marriage (from the Washington Post, 2004):

Asked his position on the subject at a town hall meeting here, Cheney
replied: “Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue that our
family is very familiar with. . . . With respect to the question of
relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for
everyone. People . . . ought to be free to enter into any kind of
relationship they want to.”

Cheney went on to reiterate the position he first
outlined in the 2000 campaign — that same-sex marriage should be left
to the states to decide. He noted, however, that Bush has endorsed a
constitutional amendment preventing the states from recognizing such

“At this point . . . my own preference is as I’ve
stated,” Cheney said. “But the president makes basic policy for the
administration. And he’s made it.”

No matter what their motivation was, Bush and Cheney made
public statements supportive of Mary and in opposition to the
homo-haters who, like the wicked fairy/witch in Sleeping Beauty, have
already rained curses down upon this child.  And that’s enough to
earn kudos from me today.





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  1. Who would have thought that Bush and Cheney had a decent thought about that….but I give the Cheneys most of the credit.   Good luck on the Ryan White vote.   BTW…let’s hear more of Lil Bit and Tigger on the phone comment gizmo.

  2. The Cheneys are terrific, loving parents, regardless of politics and it’s cool to read that statement. Hurray! Kinda nice in the midst of everything else. A child is a child is a child and that’s all that matters in the very end. Just a mommy speaking.
    Anyway. I remember Ryan White, and your post has me researching things because it would be criminal to see organizations that help people with such a terrible disease go under for lack of funding. Thanks!

  3. Boy, where have I been?  I didn’t even know the Cheney’s had a gay daughter, much less a pregnant one.  You might just keep in mind, not that I’m the suspicious sort or anything, but these blurbs about how happy these rightwing nutcases are over a Lesbian pregnancy is coming from publicists;  professional spokespersons, and they will tell you whatever is prudent for them to say, not necessarily what they ACTUALLY said, or think.

  4. Man, I can’t believe you said Cheney and Bush are your favorite politicians of the day!  But don’t forget that good ol Dick still says his now pregnant daughter should never have the right to marry.
    I wish Clinton could run again. He’s save all of our AIDS funding.  Oh how I miss that man!!!

  5. these blurbs about how happy these rightwing nutcases are over a Lesbian pregnancy is coming from publicists;  professional spokespersons, and they will tell you whatever is prudent for them to say, not necessarily what they ACTUALLY said, or think.
    Whatever you do, TR, do not let Bush/Cheney trick you into thinking they have souls. 

  6. Hmm. Those rich folks sure can have their cake and eat it too. Of course they don’t hate homosexuals but they use fear of them to win elections. Now that they are lame ducks they can say anything. This child will be rich rich rich. The hate of the rightwing nut cases that grandpa’s political party helped create will not affect him or her. But for most other gay people, prejudice will affect their everyday lives.

  7. Remember back to the Kerry/Edwards campaign… and the VP debates? Edwards commended Cheney on I believe it was … ah here it is… Love Google.Now, as to this question, let me say first that I think the vice president and his wife love their daughter. I think they love her very much. And you can’t have anything but respect for the fact that they’re willing to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter, the fact that they embrace her. It’s a wonderful thing. And there are millions of parents like that who love their children, who want their children to be happy.Cheney just smiled and said thank- you. It was an honest compliment and Cheney- if not a loving father sure played on well on TV- smiled like a good Dad does. I may not agree with Cheney on a lot of things, but I do think he loves his daughter and I’m sure he IS happy to have a grandchild from her. Sometimes our opponents surprise us. RYC: I think that 14 yr old girls come up with that stuff, but since I have a 14 yr old girl inside of me, it works well for fluff.

  8. I love how that article condemned Mary Cheney for having a child outside of marriage… and yet it’s ideologies like that of the so-called “Family Research Institute” that prevent her from marrying the person she’s been with for 15 years.

  9. Now that’s the part that shows the true hipocrasy of the current administration.  I think that the climate has taught them that they need to change.  Alienating everyone but small minded right wingers, while doing whatever you want behind closed doors has hurt them and now they’re moderating to win some centrists, while allowing the next candidate to court the right wingers quietly for a while.  I just wish the Green Party, and the Libertatrians could learn the lesson the right wing learned from Ross Perot.  He singlehandedly gave us Bill Clinton.  I think I’ll send him a Chanuka card this year.

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