Ok, never mind the other shopping horror story.  I’m sure you have enough of your own.

I posted Tigger’s Christmas list the other day, so it seems only fair
to post the letter that Little Bit wrote in her kindergarten class
today, just in case the big guy is online.

Dear Santa,

I want chocolate and stuffed animals and money.

Your friend,

Little Bit

This is a child who knows where she’s going in life.


25 thoughts on “

  1. I think it’s just a little strange that they both asked Santa for chocolate.  Do you flat out deny them chocolate?  It’s actually considered health food by some.   Ok, your father, but it is supposed to be beneficial, at least the dark chocolate is.  When they were here this summer, they weren’t begging for chocolate, because I would have given it to them….of course.

  2. Much more concise than Liam’s. He gave us one list. Got mad Santa hadn’t written him back. I pointed out he hadn’t given Santa a letter. He dictated, I translated, and none of the things he asked Santa for were on any other list he had made. He did end it in a very child-like manner asking for balloons and a suitcase full of toys. Eh… He’s 3.

  3. Start her off with lots of dark chocolate….that’s the heart healthy kind.   Don’t even  bother with the milk or white chocolate which is more fatty.  If she gets enough money…she can buy her own stuffed animals and chocolate.

  4. My Christmas list also involved money and chocolate. If water is the Universal Solvent [it’s sad that my chemistry class has spilled over into everyday life], then money and chocolate must be the Universal Gifts. In fact, I’m eating chocolate right now as I worry about my chemistry final. Isn’t life grand!

  5. “Reasonable caution”. Are you not preaching that over there? I’m not disagreeing that the criminal is to blame. Only that she was wasn’t using her common sense and this contributed to her demise.I seem to remember getting stranded alone in a broken car. It was two in the morning and a questionable neighborhood. I sat in my locked car til someone stopped and asked if they could help. I didn’t open my door for them, just cracked the window and asked them to call the police. I waited til the squad car arrived*.As for the climbers… Are you not gonna (secondarily) blame the cruel and vicious weather? ;)* I may not have opened for them either, had they been plain clothesmen.

  6. p.s. I’m not one of those grown women whose marital bed is covered with stuffed animals. I was kidding. I DID save my stuffed penguin collection, a circa 1970s Tweety bird, my first teddy bear, and Kermit the Frog… but they’ve all been passe down to the next generation and are hanging out on my kids’ bunkbeds 🙂

  7. RYC:  There’s a funny comment that Bill Clinton made about a mayoral race in San Francisco.  Regarding Willie Brown’s opponent:  (paraphrasing ’cause I can’t find the exact quote)  “This guy’s running to the left of Willie Brown?  I didn’t think there was oxygen left over there.”

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