A fever and sore throat kept me out of the office today, and you know what that means, don’t you?


Daytime TV.


I started safe, with an old rerun of Scrubs, and then an older rerun of Roseanne, the one where Darlene gets her first period and thinks she can’t play sports anymore.  This reminded me of a more recent episode of Everwood, in which Treat Williams’ daughter gets her first period and her doctor dad gives her pain killers for the cramps to get her through her hockey game, but tells her not to expect drugs every month.  That was the end of Everwood for me.  What kind of father would deny his own child ibuprofen when her uterus is contracting?


Then I started surfing and found a number of talk shows that I’d never seen before.  One had a woman who resembled Tammy Faye Baker chatting with an earnest-looking couple about how these two dudes in the Bible had some issues with each other.  The next talk show also involved a trio a Christian dialoguers.  I became frustrated.  Where’s Jerry Springer?


Then I landed on a program called What Not to Wear, in which a rude and pushy couple browbeat a woman into buying tight-fitting clothing in which she felt uncomfortable, and high-heeled shoes with pointy toes in which she walked funny.  I think they should rename the program What Not to Watch.


All in all, I think my day at home made me feel sicker.


Now evening has fallen and the wind is picking up.  Please just let me get dinner cooked before the power goes out, or the kids may eat each other.




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  1. When the boys went to lunch the other TA. and I watched murry Povitch ( sp) it was the same theme as the last time I watched it last year, who your baby daddy? Two fo the woman had been on the show five or six times and each time the guy was not the father. Both woman were bawling over this. You would think they would realize, when there are twenty more men that could be said daddy, you should just give it up. They acted so surprised! If your still sick tomorrow, check out that Murry ( sp). I hope your not sick tomorrow though.

  2. Daytime TV is just mind-numbing, isn’t it?  How many different shows can all talk about the same thing, which is usually what Laura described ^.  Hope you are well enough to go back to work tomorrow and escape the inanity, lol!

  3. I can’t turn on the TV until 7pm. It’s just too depressing before that.Although, I love What not to Wear, in primetime. And liked the british version even better.Even have the book!

  4. You can catch the new episodes of “What not to Wear” on Fridays at 9.  I can’t stop watching it!  It’s especially good when Clinton wears his green ruffled shirt and talks at length to the poor victim about wearing a “cami” under the tight, short jacketed suit she doesn’t want.  And there’s nothing he doesn’t know about high heels.   Stacy is  the snottiest person I’ve ever seen.  Apparently, that’s what it takes to get a tv show nowadays!

  5. I love the British version of What not to Wear. It’s a good thing we don’t have cable, or I’d be watching BBC America 24 hours a day. I suppose the American version would be irritating.

  6. Daytime TV just depresses me. It used to be fun when I was a kid, though…Home sick watching Leave it to Beaver reruns, Password with Allen Ludden, To Tell the Truth with Bud Colyer, The ORIGINAL Biography hosted by Mike Wallace (they profiled Churchill not Britney) and my favorite, HOUSE PARTY with ART LINKLETTER!All in glorious black and white.(well, our TV was black and white so I had no choice)kaz

  7. I love What Not to Wear. It’s like a train wreck.  They just torture those poor women who, for the most part, are totally happy with their situation in the first place. 
    I did see one episode where they bought new clothes for a woman who just had handmedowns and couldn’t afford new clothes – she was really happy.
    It amazes me that they keep torturing those women lol. 
    I still wear my Doc Martens to work. 

  8. Haha, that’s just it — a FATHER wouldn’t give the child painkillers because he is a man and he certainly does not understand how painful it can be, no matter how many mothers/sisters/girlfriends/wives he’s been exposed to. 🙂 My mom wasn’t around when I got my first one, and my dad was beside himself as to how to handle it. lol.

  9. Daytime tv sucks… it’s half the reason I didn’t stay home on Wednesday after I’d spent the whole night hovering over the toilet begging my somach to simply turn itself right side out again…

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