A big ole storm whipped through the region last night.  Damage assessment:


  • Tigger and I glanced at each other nervously every time the lights flickered during Survivor.  Fortunately, we were able to see Parvarti voted out.  I couldn’t stand her lazy smirky self.


  • Our power finally went out around 11 p.m., forcing me to go to bed rather than fool around on the internet until whatever a.m.


  • Little Bit climbed into bed with me in the middle of the night—something she rarely does.  “I’m scared,” she said.  “The power is out and I can’t find Journey Bear!”


  • TGeek settled her back into bed with a glowstick, a flashlight, and some Journey Bear locating assistance.


  • A dead tree in a neighbor’s yard came down in the wind, knocking down a section of fence and landing in our yard.  This is the second time we’ve had somebody else’s tree fall in our yard.  Are we cursed?


  • The elderly woman across the street had a visit from a fire truck, causing us some concern.  Turns out the wind knocked the top off a big tree and it fell on her roof.  There’s a hole in her dining room ceiling now, but she’s ok.


  • The kids’ school is one of the few in the area that opened today, and they only have partial power.  Some rooms have lights and some don’t.


  • Tigger just called from school to tell me that the talent show scheduled for today has been called off due to power issues.  Damn good thing, because I’d forgotten about it and would not have shown up.  Bad TR!


  • Traffic lights all over the city are out, making every intersection a four-way stop.  Driving is sllllllloooooowwwww. 


  • The only open Starbucks I could find had a line down the street.  So I haven’t had a mocha.  Not Happy!


  • My workplace had no power this morning, but I wouldn’t have gone in anyway, because I still have this flu-ish thing.  Last thing my co-workers, not to mention the AIDS patients, need.


  • Power at my house returned at around 10:30 am. 


  • I am NOT watching any daytime TV today.


  • I finally acquired a mocha at 2:30 p.m., and the world became safe from the wrath of TR
  • For those who were wondering, Tigger will be playing piano in the talent show whenever it finally happens
  • If one cannot buy potatoes and onions because the stores are
    closed due to storm damage, one can feed one’s children leftover pizza
    instead of latkes on the first night of Chanukah, and they will be ok
    with it.



23 thoughts on “

  1. Storms are outlawed in Pepper Pike so you can take refuge here any time you want.   Pepper Pike Park awaits Tigger and Lil Bit.   We’ll even alert Starbucks you’re on your way.

  2. I, too, disliked Parvarti. When the show came on last night, my daughter, who has not been following it this time around (usually we like it, but we’ve had trouble getting into this one), said, “They have a girl on this show named “Poverty”?!?
    Heh heh. Well, she’s poor in spirit, anyhow.
    Stay safe in the stormy weather. Get healthy. Rest.
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. I want to hear what Tigger’s doing in the talent show too. 
    I was going to comment yesterday on how I share your feelings about daytime T.V.  I’m always amazed when I veg out at my Mom’s at how little I’m missing, by not having T.V.  And if it makes you feel any better, I’m an evangelical Christian, and I find religious programming to be ABHORENT.  Roseanne reruns, not so bad. 🙂

  4. Seriously, I’d be interested in a spread sheet documenting your addiction.How many? How often? Anual expenditure? Calories per month… etc.
    ps. How can you watch TV or surf the net w/out power?

  5. It’s been a long time since a really harsh storm here. But you’ve reminded me that one of my lemon trees still needs pruning. They get top-heavy otherwise, sending 10′ or longer branches up and then when the wind kicks up–yikes! One of my trees is at about a 30 degree angle at the base from being uprooted the other year I forgot to prune before the wind hit.

  6. You have kids; we have dogs.
    First alerter is Bentley, the standard poodle — and the only large dog among our four — who runs into “Yoo-Hoo’s little house” at the first thunderclap.
    Used to be, I had a big old German Shepherd named Rick and if there was a storm coming — long before the first audibility — I’d know it was coming because he would be on the bed with me, trembling.

  7. While inconvenient and sometimes scary, I wish we had some winter storms right now. Arizona’s weather is so boringly beautiful this time of year that it can be hard to feel normal. If that makes any sense. . .

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