big, sweet, fresh California strawberries I picked up at the store
yesterday reminded me that gardening season will soon be upon me.  I haven’t even cleared out last year’s garden.  The tomato plants are still there, staked to green poles, the vines now black and withered.  And I lost an important piece of the tiller while cleaning the blades last year.  I would order a replacement but I can’t remember which piece it was.


I don’t have time to work in the garden.  It’s all I can do to shovel the debris out of one room or another once in a while and keep the kids fed.  I’ve taken on more writing gigs than I can really manage without letting something else slide.  Like gardening.  And cooking.  Why peel and chop when you can open a package of something and microwave it? 


nine-year-old is feeling squeezed this year too, between homework,
piano lessons, skiing on weekends, and her own household chores (like
keeping her bedroom, which I shoveled out recently, from becoming a
landfill again).  She complains of insufficient computer game/tv/yak on
the phone time.  Hmm, that may be just as well.


My six-year-old still has it easy.  Her only homework is piano practice, which she enjoys so much it doesn’t seem like a chore.  She’s
little enough to be content cuddled on my lap while I futz with the
computer, a state of affairs that can’t last much longer. 


The other day she brought home a recipe from a Kindergarten cooking project.  It
reminded me that cooking with your kids is not something you can do
without, no matter how busy you get.  And so I found a use for
those berries.


Little Bit’s Strawberry Pie


1 Pillsbury pie crust

4 cups (1 quart) fresh strawberries

1 cup sugar

3 tablespoons cornstarch


  1. Put the crust in a 9 inch pie plate and bake at 425 for 12 minutes, or until nicely browned.  Let it cool.
  2. Slice half the berries and set aside.
  3. Crush the remaining berries.
  4. Add sugar and cornstarch to crushed berries.
  5. Cook crushed berry mixture in a saucepan until it comes to a boil.
  6. Spread sliced berries in the pie shell.
  7. Pour hot crushed berries on top and spread evenly.
  8. Refrigerate a few hours or overnight.
  9. Serve it up and tell your little girl how fabulously delicious it is.



13 thoughts on “

  1. “Why peel and chop when you can open a can of something and microwave it?”   Well, at last!  You’ve finally become the same kind of cook I’ve always been.  Sniff…I’m so proud!

  2. You’ll remember that pie forever, you know.    It really does sound tasty.  Not like the banana milkshakes my sister made at that age for Bluebirds and the rest of us had to force down!  LOL

  3. My boys are better and more patient cooks than I. They did not learn it from me; alas, I never wanted to mess with them in the kitchen, since there was always so much other mess to clean up elsewhere. They just experimented on their own. Now, Thing One does the best spaghetti with meat sauce and Thing Two makes a perfect omelet and really killer peanut butter cookies from scratch. We don’t cook much around here. We write and study, we work, we sleep, we make music, and we watch old BBC comedy. We leave the real cooking to professionals and mostly eat cereal, sandwiches, and soup the rest of the time.But I do envy your special cooking time with your girls. I shoulda done it, but I was just too bleeding lazy.

  4. We’d forgive you if you gave up a one blog update per week to, um, you know, do a litle more than shoveling. You know? To keep DCFS at bay. Although, if they do show up at least you’ll have something to offer with their coffee! 😛

  5. Mmm…now if only they could make pie without the crust…not the bottom part, but that part where the top and bottom meet and get all smashed together with a fork.  Cuz I always cut that off, and then people make fun of me.

  6. The crust is the best part!!
    The more I talk to women with kids, regardless of their age, age of their kids, or how they spend their time, I become more convinced of how much we all have in common.  Life is totally a balancing act.  I am aware that even when my kids go to school next year, other things will come flooding in and cry for my attension.  I just hope I can get some freaking laundry done. 😉

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