I know, I know.  You’ve all been perched on the edges of your chairs all day waiting for the news.  HOW DID LITTLE BIT DO IN HER VERY FIRST EVER CHESS TOURNAMENT?

Well, let me fill you in.  Little Bit competed in the Kindergarten
section.  She played five games.  She won two, took a draw in
two, and lost one.  Each win scores one point.  Each draw
scores 1/2 point.  That gave her a total of 3 points, which

Now here’s the thing.  In the two draws, her opponents offered a
draw when they were down to nothing and Little Bit had a bunch of
pieces left.  She accepted the draws, I think, because she didn’t
know she could say no.   She’s a sweet  little girl
and  likes to be nice.  Had she said no and continued
playing, she would’ve  won those games.

(Note to self: must instill killer instinct in child before April.)

No matter.  She qualified for State, and in this tournament all the Kindergarten players received trophies. 

My baby ROCKS.


19 thoughts on “

  1. That is what girlchild would do too.  She would have a hard time saying no. Of course, she can’t play chess.
    LB totally rules.

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