Yep, the Rabbits are vacationing in the Great North.  Whistler, B.C. to be exact.  Why?  So that certain people whose names are not Me can ski.  There are two mountains here, no waiting.

There’s plenty of waiting to eat, however.  We arrived around dinner time and traipsed out into the village with the friends we came with, looking for a table for seven.  After several maitre-des laughed and one French guy shoved us out on the stoop, we returned to the hotel and phoned for delivery pizza and assorted other items.  Three hungry children, one hungry teenager, and three hungry adults spent the next two hours considering which one of us the others would eat if in fact the food never arrived.

Happily, a frazzled deliverer finally appeared at the door.  With the wrong order.

“Oops,” she said.  “Your order is in my car.  I’ll be right back.”

Certain she was gone for good, we all started edging for the knife drawer.

She returned.  The life of one of our party was spared, but the food was cold and largely inedible.  We ate it anyway.

Wait, I forgot to mention a very important fact.  Little Bit lost a tooth in Vancouver.  Actually, she still has it.  It’s not lying on the street or anything, but it is not in her mouth. 

The question is, what do Canadian tooth fairies pay?  We visited an ATM in Vancouver and acquired some Canadian funds, but all in $20 bills.  That seems a bit steep for one little tooth.  Fortunately, Technogeek has gone out to the pub with his friend Single Dad and will presumably return with some loonies in his pocket. 

Tomorrow I shall explore the village, or at the least the village coffee shops, and work on the book project I’ve now been ignoring for months.  Or maybe I’ll just lie around the hotel room and read. 

We won’t have to resort to cannibalism, because I’ve already made a reservation for tomorrow night.  If the restaurant screws up and doesn’t have a table for us, we will eat the manager.

Important food related question:

Do pecans count as a nutritious source of fiber and protein if they are covered with chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder?



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  1. I’ve never been one for skiing. . .the thought of tumbling ass over tincups down a mountainside, breaking a bone here, losing a tooth there, just doesn’t thrill me.  I hope you find lots to do in the village, though!  Enjoy!

  2. I have been trying to read Martha Grimes’  book, “Dust” all week.  I can’t finish it.  It’s really boring.  If you like “Old Wine Shades” I’ll give it a try.  I used to love her books, especially the Richard Jury’s; but they’ve  become so dull and dreary.  I’d really like to  put Melrose Plant out of his misery.  Never has a character been so aptly named! 
    Canada in the middle of winter.  You are NUTS!

  3. Most hungry polar bears in the Great North might opt for seal.   This one wonders why you didn’t pop the cold pizza in the microwave assuming the delivery person was no longer available for popping.    Deosn’t anyone read the news about skiers and climbers getting trapped in avalanches any more?

  4. About the pecans:   They must be covered in VERY thick dark chocolate, and then drizzled in chocolate syrup.  The nutritional benefits can’t be overstated…especially if they are served over rocky road ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top.  The cocoa powder is optional.

  5. I hear the tooth fairying business is a growing field.The Rabbit family does a lot of neat vacations, doesn’t it? That’s great! I think it’s just as well that Transvestite Rabbit doesn’t ski, insofar as skiing is a sport that involves strapping planks of wood to your feet and intentionally thrusting yourself down a mountain covered with snow, trees, other skiers, and thousands of other dangerous things just waiting to kill you on contact.Also, I have to admit: I don’t know for certain what loonies are. I have a Canadian friend who, after I’d won one of his Scrabble-related puzzle contests, promised me a bag of chocolate loonies, which would, I presumed, contain some amount of chocolate. He was unable to send them, unfortunately, because he ran out. This was some time ago, maybe three years ago, but since then I still haven’t taken the probably 15 seconds it would take to find out what loonies are. Are they birds? Currency? Something to do with hockey? I’m really hung up about this.And lastly, to answer your question, of COURSE pecans count as a nutritious source of fiber and protein if they are covered with chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder! That is the FIRST thing they teach you in tooth fairy school.

  6. when it comes to cannibalism, the only logical choice is to eat one of the children. They are the most tender, need the least amount of marinade, and everyone one knows teens taste like they know everything.
    Eating adults is frowned upon, unless they are the useless kind.

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