I’m not a big buyer of stuff.  Quite the contrary.  I already have way more stuff than I really need.  I have little interest in the things many women seem to enjoy buying and obsessing over.  Many years I wear only four pairs of shoes (all-weather mocs, boots, sneakers, sandals).  I have been known to wear my favorite clothes until all of the color has been washed out of them and the holes are too big to hide.  At that point I sleep in them until they disintegrate entirely.


I used to buy a lot of books, but lately I favor the public library.  Truth is, I usually read books only once, after which they occupy space in my house indefinitely.  And we have so, so many books already.  Including the kids’ rooms, we have eight large bookcases packed to overflowing with books.  Books occupy an entire wall of our living room.  And that’s not even counting all the books my husband has stashed in the basement, which is too scary for me to go look at.


Music, though, that’s another matter.  Unlike books, I can enjoy a CD over and over and over again.  I mostly listen to music while alone in my car.  If the kids are with me I keep it down so they can talk to me.  I don’t listen to music much in the house for the same reason I take my laptop to coffee shops to write.  If I’m at home I feel obligated to be doing something else.  I often have the blues channel playing in the late evening while I read, but I’m not really listening.  I sometimes play discs on my computer at work, but again, it is only background music.


In my car I turn it up, sing along, tap the steering wheel to the beat.  I feel the lightning guitar riffs in my gut, and cue the song back to hear it again.  Louder.


Today’s new discs:


Coco Montoya: Dirty Deal


Walter Trout and Friends: Full Circle


B.B. King: Deuces Wild


Check the first two for some hair-singeing electric blues.  Both Montoya and Trout played guitar in the Bluesbreakers and that heritage can be heard in their styles.  And they both move their fingers faster than ought to be humanly possible.  Of course, deals with the devil are de rigueur in the blues, so…


B.B. plays duets with a whole pack of pals, including Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, and Heavy D.  Who the hell is Heavy D?  I don’t know, but it works for me.


In other music news, my kiddos had the opportunity to record CD’s of themselves playing piano.  I will post their tunes later if I can figure out how.

Ok, here’s Coco Montoya playing some devil music, followed by Little Bit’s rendition of Ode To Joy, and Tigger playing Night of the Tarantella.  We at Transvestite Rabbit seek always to entertain.




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  1. I agree about books.  We have some that are good for reference, but I’ve been thinking about doing a book purge recently.  Selling them to Powell’s often yields a nice sum.

  2. Well, if that’s devil music, then….aw, who am I kidding? I was destined to hell years ago. 
    I cleared out most of my unneeded books, except for music, psychology, and sociology.  If I ever get myself in gear and go to graduate school, they’ll be priceless.
    As for music, I refuse to throw away an LP. Unless it’s been beaten to death (not likely), I REFUSE to throw it out.  As a result, we have probably 50 CDs. Meh. That’s what they made Limewire for.  Although, no one’ll probably have any of your recommendations there….aw, crap!

  3. I feel like you do about stuff. And now that we have itunes, I don’t accumulate CDs either. Same thing with books. You’d expect a bibliophile like me to have loads of books, but most of what I read comes from the library. I only keep reference books and books I loved so much I want to read them multiple times.

  4. “If I’m at home I feel obligated to be doing something else.” why is that? it seems pretty typical of how women operate, I can’t sit & watch a movie without doing something( folding laundry, knitting). why do we feel so propelled to be doing all the time?
    I buy most of my books at thrift stores & used book stores, unless it’s one I want to refer back to, I redonate them back to the thrift store!

  5. You and mad are alike in this regard.  That woman hates to shop for shoes/clothes/jewelry etc. but can drop a hundred bucks on books/CDs without batting an eyelash.
    And I think that Heavy D is the dude from 80s sensation “Heavy D and the Boyz”.  If I’m not mistaken he’s also responsible for the catchy theme to MadTV.
    RYC:  The school district does provide some level of embedded speech and occupational therapy in his class but it’s nowhere near a therapeutic level.  The ESD folks make a distinction between educational services (which he receives free to the tune of 8 hrs per week) and medical services (dedicated speech and occupational therapy).  I imagine if I understood the law a little bit better I could have them paying for this stuff but (a) if I pay I have more control over who my child sees and how often, (b) I’m an old school fiscal conservative.  I may have a right to these sorts of things but, to be frank, our family is already a huge financial burden on the state. 

  6. While I must admit to a mean shoe fetish, I agree that I, too, horde books which I only read once but can’t discard, yet have an extensive and varied music collection that I’ll listen to over and over, if the mood moves me.
    Tigger and Lil’ Bit should take their show on the road!

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