There’s nothing quite like a school auction to demonstrate that the people you know have way more money than you do.  On Saturday we left the kids with our baby-and-critter-sitter extraordinaire and attended just such an event.


Every time I go to one of these things I am struck with awe by the organizational effort required to put it together.  In past years I’ve helped out in some small way, either by procuring some items to be auctioned or by assisting with some nitty gritty must-be-done detail.  Not this year, though.


Since I didn’t help, I had to show up and buy stuff.


We started with a silent auction in which smallish things could be bid upon by writing one’s assigned number next to the price one was willing to pay.  We picked up some nifty stuff.  My favorite: a lovely Japanese tea pot with matching cups.  The set has 100 poems printed on it (in Japanese).  I have no idea what they say.  They could be dirty limericks for all I know.  I thought I’d bid 30-some dollars for it, but I had to go back and re-bid several times because the German teacher was trying to ace me out.  So in the end I paid $66 but I got the set.  Take that, German teacher!


That’s what happens when you drink two Tequila Sunrises before you start bidding.


The main event was the live auction, featuring not-so-smallish items like four-day getaways to elegant places at inconvenient times.  A popular item was the opportunity for your child to pull the fire alarm (at a school approved time) and, after the fire drill, have lunch with the Head.  A well-connected friend of ours donated a trip to Vegas to see The Temptations and go backstage to meet them after the show.  The hottest bidding war, though, erupted over this (as listed in the catalog):


Weekend of Babysitting


Can you imagine taking a romantic weekend away while your children have their own fabulous vacation at home with Ms. Jones (kindergarten teacher at the school) as their babysitter?  Here’s your chance to let everyone have the time of their lives.  Ms. Jones will come to your house from Friday at 6:30 pm to Sunday at 4:00 pm.


Anybody want to guess what it went for?  Prize goes to the closest guess.


Here’s a hint.  This item:


1981 Fiat Spider 2000

went for less.




20 thoughts on “

  1. Gosh, I’m probably way off, but I’ll say $4,000.I was chair of one of those auctions and the stress of it almost killed me. My mouth broke out in canker sores and I couldn’t eat or talk and I lost six pounds. Then I had to write hundreds of hand written thank you notes to everyone who donated an item *and* deal with post-auction aftermath like the lady who got stiffed on the item she bid for. Never again.

  2. Even at KinderCare.  They are currently having an auction for the March of Dimes.  Each class put together a theme basket to be auctioned off.  On Friday I stopped in to check them out and possibly place a bid.  Every basket was currently going for over $100 (in some cases way over.)  I believe in charity, but I’m way to thrifty to pay 5x over the cost of something. 
    Now, a weekend babysitting stint by a teacher who won’t molest my children….priceless.

  3. My soon-to-be substitute is the chairwomen for the auction at my school.  I’m not allowed to have my baby before March 31st, she says, or she’ll go crazy.
    I’ll say the babysitting job went for $4,500.

  4. I’ll guess $5,500.  I was going to guess lower (around $3,500), but I think the Fiat, if it’s in good condition, might have gone for $4,900 or so.

  5. Are you kidding?!?  I’m not even guessing.  Wow, if I were that teacher, I’d feel a little pressure to be THE COOLEST babysitter EVER.  Actually, a lot of pressure.  And whoever bid this exorbident (sp?) amount had to actually pay for something to DO while the sitter sat too, yes?

  6. wow, no way. I would rather take the kids to an all inclusive and let the place take care of them all day with fun kids activities. A win win for much cheeper.RYC: No, not THE boys that I work with, they can’t go to prom thier locked up for the most part. I mean my nice normal Jewish kid, has to go all outjust to ask a girl to a dance, and sometimes they have the nerve to say NO ( althought that only happened once) and it was tramatising me him err I mean me.

  7. ha! I would have been the first bidder! But then, of course, others would have outbid me way beyond my means 😦 I’m guessing $1500. I mean, anymore would be DESPERATE. ahem.

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