Ok, I’ve been shooting my mouth off quite enough and now that several people are mad at me, I’m going to hand over the microphone and take a poll:

Which Xangan would you most like to get drunk with (and why)?

To start, I nominate marklabouff and momofjenmatt.  As amusing as they are in blog form, imagine how much funnier they would be after a few shots of whatever and a few rounds of pool.  Also, eurobikermcdog, because his Dr. Phil imitation would be hysterical on tequila. I hope he’s old enough to drink.



22 thoughts on “

  1. Please don’t count me among the people who are mad at you. Of all the folks in the world who don’t think like I do, I admire you most. let’s get buzzed on mountain dew, caffeine is my substance of choice.!

  2. I think I’d have to choose MercyMex3 beacause I have known her all my life but never seen her drunk, and Mom_With _a_Chainsaw, because she knows some Celtic drinking songs, which would make the experience cheery and musical. 🙂 Lisa

  3. Thanks, I prefer perscription drugs as they work faster and are non caloric, but if your bring the booze, I’ll go for it. I nominate your brother, he seems fun, is he? If he’s a sloppy drunk I withdrawl his name so let me know. RYC: I didn’t see an annonomous button. Where is it? It looked the same to me. I don’t see the option on yours either.

  4. Oh great. I troll for interest in my erotic writing, and a transvestite rabbit hops outta the hat. Now, what kind of a magician am I!? Also, do you put the ? mark before the ! mark or vice versa?! For me, it depends on whether I’m asking a question harder than I’m exclammating (but of course, I’m exposing a personal problem!). By the way, I’m not drunk, so don’t choose me. Drinking makes me normal. It’s no fun to be around.

  5. I tried hard to comment on your last post but I couldn’t keep it short enough.  Maybe I’ll have to post a response.
    RYC:  I’d like to believe that Kulongoski’s stunt would increase donations to food banks but he hasn’t been asking us to do anything other than “be aware”.  If he were stumping for the Oregon Food Bank or tying this exercise to proposed legislation that would be a different matter.  The idea of raising awareness is hopelessly abstract unless it is accompanied by a specific call to action.
    RYOC:  And blame Scott for the “Science is Sexy” logo.

  6. By the way, I’m a little behind so I’d like to comment now on your observations about proselytizers: I don’t know what to say when I encounter them in public, but when I see them in the neighborhood coming toward my house, I like to answer the door completely naked.

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