I’ve been looking, in a casual kind of way, for a writers’ group to meet up with a couple of times a month.  I would like to read what other local writers are producing, and get writerly feedback on my own stuff.  I look at bulletin boards in book stores and libraries, but haven’t come across anything plausible.


Just recently it occurred to me to check Craigslist.  And there I found a “groups” category.  Aha!  I’ve been visiting the groups listing for a few days now, and am now ready to report on the state of group formation in my area.


It seems many people want to play Bunco.  I’ve heard of this game but don’t know how to play.  I think it is poker for chicks.  It could be fun, especially with an Apricot Sidecar or two.  I just had an Apricot Sidecar, or two, at a sushi restaurant last night.  I can tell there will be more Apricot Sidecars in my future, because I love sushi, and apparently I also love apricot brandy.  Warning: if you are a female sampling the Apricot Sidecar at a sushi restaurant or elsewhere, make sure you will not be driving, because it is WAY buzzier than it tastes, and you will probably have another one.  If you are male this warning does not apply, because no man would be caught dead with such a frou-frou drink. 


Toddler playgroups are another common item on Craigslist, but this no longer applies to me, a fact for which I am grateful.  Toddlers are wonderful and everything, but I have been there done that quite enough.


The “Truly Multi-Cultural Women’s Reading Group” caught my eye just because they felt the need to distinguish themselves from all those phony multi-cultural reading groups, even though the ad specifies that single race women are welcome.  The book suggestions are all about race, though, so I guess that makes it legit.  Conversely, there’s a “new group for causcasian rights” forming soon.  Erk.


The Trophy Cupcakes Knitting Group (don’t ask me) meets in Wallingford, while the South Sound Partner Betrayal Meetup Group probably happens in Tacoma.  If you got cheated on, would you want to go hang out with other people who got cheated on?  Might be a good place to pick up a new partner.


The “shoplifting addiction recovery group” meets in a church in Ballard.  I hope they nail everything down before they open the doors.  Then there’s the “compulsive gamblers” group, who should probably stay away from the Bunco players.  Some of the ads are not really for groups at all.  They just direct you to some cheesy dating web site or other online “resource.” 


Anyway, I may or may not find myself a likely group of writers to hang with, but if I do, I hope they meet in a sushi restaurant, provided none of the writers attends the “wasabi anonymous” group.

UPDATE:  Today’s Craigslist includes two groups specifically for lesbians or bisexual women, one for support and one for hanging out in bars.  This reminds me that while performing my daily search for grant opportunities, I came across a $10,000 award for an “emerging lesbian poet or fiction writer.”  Hey, for 10K I can write as a lesbian, easy.  For 10K I could write as a Tibetan monk, an Eskimo, a Golden Retriever or a Martian.  But I’m afraid my ruse would fall apart when they clicked on my blog and discovered that I am actually a transvestite rabbit.




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  1. Hi… Have you tried your local library? we have two great writing groups that meet at ours monthly and bimonthly… Can’t hurt to check.
    Thanks for say hi. Ang

  2. Writer’s groups are truly the thing you must have to get decent feedback. Keep trying. Is there a local university nearby? I found mine through the Chicago Writers Association. Do you have something like that in your town? What is your town? I ask too many questions…RYC: I don’t know. I can’t get the cats to say much of anything. And they aren’t listening. They are just looking at me as if I’m nuts. And there’s a serious question as to whether I am or not.Lynn

  3. I chuckled throughout this post!  I’ve heard of Craigslist, but have never checked it out.  Do they have a group for the Apricot Sidecars?  Sounds like a musical group, in addition to a girly drink! 

  4. Hi and thanks for stopping by and commenting!
    RYC: Because she gets frustrated easily we don’t do any competing, it’s more for mutual support and the fact that we are both quite overweight.
    Hope to see you around!

  5. Those are some strange groups!  The Trophy Cupcakes Knitting group?  Hahaha!
    RYC:  For years I disliked flip flops because of the little piece that goes between my toes.  Then I decided to give them another try.  Lo and behold, I discovered that they have made them much more comfortable these days and you don’t even notice the little thingee anymore!

  6. I took Thing Two to see Blades of Glory and it was as tasteless as expected. One scene takes place at a Sex Addicts Support Group. The moderator can barely contain the group and when it’s over, they’re all out in the bushes with each other. Not really original humor, but funny anyway.I tried to find a writing group in Birmingham. They say they’re Writing Groups but apparently they’re actually Angry Single Women Who Hate All Men Or Any Other Woman Who Is In a Positive Relationship With a Man. And that’s all they write about. And don’t you dare reveal you use makeup or color your hair. Thanks for the idea about looking on Craig’s List, though there will still be some that say they’re one thing but are really something else.

  7. I love me my Craigslist.  I’ve gotten the hook up on two jobs from there, sold and bought innumerable furniture, but I’ve never looked at the groups area!  Sounds like I need to go check it out, if only for amusements sake.  Though once I was looking through the ‘free’ section and came across the entry title: ‘Free Love’.  I had to look and see, so I clicked to open, and it read : ‘tell me what direction you are located in and I will stand on my front door step and send ‘love beams’ your way’.  Wow.  Free love beams.  Who knew?!

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