Last night while I was getting ready for bed I had this great idea.  You know how they have devices that keep diaper wipes warm, so your already annoyed baby doesn’t have another reason to scream?  Well I squirted some of my Olay super-moisturizing cleanser for middle-aged women out of the bottle, applied it to my face, and felt just like a baby getting cleansed with icy wipes.  Brrr.  So someone should make a warmer for face-washing stuff.


When I told my husband my great idea, he pointed out that there’s some device that warms up shaving cream for men.  I don’t know if it would work for face-cleanser, but if it would, I want one.  Too bad Mother’s Day is over now.


I did get treated.  Each kid presented me with a heartbreaking masterpiece of breathless proportions, created at school and sneaked home with many furtive gestures and remarks like “Never mind what I’m hiding here in this newspaper-wrapped bundle two days before Mother’s Day.  Move along.”


Even better, after they all collaborated to make me breakfast, they CLEANED THE HOUSE.  And, Technogeek put down his computer and set foot in the back yard, where he completed an Onerous Chore he’s been claiming he would do for the last five months.  Man, there should be more Mother’s Days each year.  One a month would be good.


I hope all you other moms out there had a good day too.  Now repeat after me: I will resist the urge to have the locks changed after the kids leave for school in the morning, so they can’t get in and mess up the house again.  Mother’s Day will come again, but alas, it’s a whole year away.






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  1. I love how you put that, about the kids sneaking stuff home (“Never mind what I’m hiding…”)  I’m glad it was a good Mother’s Day for ya!
    About the face washing stuff–Hm, being a guy, I think microwave on everything.  Can’t you just pop it in on “high” for a couple of minutes?

  2. Conair makes an electric “lotion warmer.” With “high” and “low” settings, yet, and an automatic shut-off, lest the contents become overheated. I know this because there’s one stashed in the back of a closet somewhere here at Toad Hall. Please, PLEASE tell me you want it and I shall send it immediately if not sooner! (Because one less never-used article in this house would be a vast improvement…..)And hey! Your mother’s day makes mine look pretty shabby. So quit tellin’ me stuff like that, willya? (insert deprived but soulful grin here)

  3. Grr..  I got the stomach flu and spent the whole day in bed.  I managed to cook a nice Mother’s Day dinner but poor mad spent most of her Mother’s Day as a single mother.  I have promised her a nice nap on Father’s Day.

  4. They do make a warming face cleanser. I forget who makes it. When you rub it around in your hands, it warms up. Its kind of nice, I don’t know why I didn’t get more of it.

  5. One of my earliest memories of my mother is when she would put a dab of cold cream (Pond’s, I think) on her fingers and then hold them in front of our old fashioned gas heater, the kind that showed the flames and grate, to warm it a bit.    That was in the winter, and I suppose our summers were hot enough to make a cool dab of cream feel good.
    Your comment about changing locks is a bit drastic.  Why not just grease the door knobs to keep the little kid critters out?   LOL

  6. I just went over to iTunes and heard The Uppity Blues Women. Soon as my bank account grows some more green, they will be my next “poichase.”Great idea for the wipes. “Mug wipes.”Wow. My family would never, ever in a million years do the cleaning thing. They really are enslaved by their devotion, huh?

  7. Sounds like an awesome day to me! I agree…once a month for that type of action would be killa! Love the bunny pic. Reminds me of my CJ who has been gone many a year.

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