Enough of the religious-wacko-du-jour.What I really want to talk about is blenders.


Yesterday a large white envelope arrived at my home. It was addressed to my husband but I opened it anyway.  Hey, this is a community property state. Inside I found a letter from a nice lady at the Vita Mix company. She wanted to tell me about all the advantages of owning a Vita Mix blender, which included better health, weight loss, hot soup, and extra bonus items.


I pored over the letter and the accompanying glossy brochure. By the time I was done I felt sure I needed a Vita Mix. Better health! Weight loss! Hot soup!


When Technogeek got home I asked him if he too, wanted Better Health!Weight Loss!And Hot Soup!


He said he did not especially want those things in the form of a Vita Mix blender, but recommended I visit a web site called willitblend.


There I found the Blendtec blender, which offers NOT ONLY Better Health! Weight Loss! And Hot Soup! But also features videos of a dude blending all sorts of improbable things in a Blendtec blender.


Here, for example, is the Blendtec dude blending a garden hose.



Who could not want this?



20 thoughts on “

  1. When I first read Tiff’s comment, I thought she was saying she’d blend boys and trash and garden hose.  I was very concerned.
    RYC – Seattle is the third-politest city.  What does your husband make of that?

  2. I started a blogring a short while ago called fundies are fruitcakes.  your below out-takes confirm it.  I am arranging a picnic and dance on his grave next Saturday, raindate Sunday.  Will you bring paper plates?

  3. Amazing.  I could have used that blender when I was mixing tough organ meats to feed a sick vulture some years ago.
    I guess their CG people couldn’t be bothered to change ‘feet’ to ‘foot’ for the first foot of hose. 

  4. OK, for someone with 2 kids, a husband, a job, several sidelights, a blogging career, and all the cooking cleaning housework etc, you have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time if you’re watching videos like this.
    It’s a little scarry.

  5. Freaky. Thing Two was telling his grandmother about the willitblend guy last night. It’s one of his fav sites,natch.We should have one of those at the office. It’s satisfying to shred, but blending? Oh, MAN.

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