Some sobering news from yesterday’s Seattle Times:  The Commander at nearby Fort Lewis has announced that casualties from Iraq are piling up so fast the base will no longer conduct individual memorial services for its fallen soldiers.  Instead they will hold group funerals once a month.

In response to Hillary Clinton’s quest for the perfect campaign songMadhousewife asked her readers to choose a campaign theme song for themselves.  Here’s mine.


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  1. ryc: I don’t think any glee was held over the misfortunes of the rich. I didn’t see it that way anyway. The point to me was simple, you don’t have to be rich to be happy. 
    I looked up some of those named for historical info. One was a scapegoat for others in the firm. That is even sadder. But when that was written that fact may not have been known.

  2. too bad the sound on my computer doesn’t work. I will have to save the joy of your theme song for another day.That whole increasing casualty thing is making me nervous. And sad. And frustrated. Now I will restrain myself from further comment regarding our illustrious commander in chief. (MMMFFFMMFFFMMMMFFMMMMFFF! There! I said it! But without opening my mouth!!! Kind of in honor of this presidency as well as in mockery…)hi and Happy Weekend!

  3. Those were the days when people spoke out.  Now the pollsters have to dig them out and interrupt their Wii’s and iPods.

  4. My city might be getting some Iraqi refugees. Maybe they can pitch in and help pay for the individual funerals for the soldiers since the military is too cheap to do it.

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