Dear Hillary,

You’re still my homegirl, yo, but enough with the song
already.  Pick one and move on.

Dear Barack,

Today I read about your efforts to play racial politics by
threatening the nation with black riots. 
My esteem for you has dropped 1,000%.

Dear John (Edwards, not McCain),

Great hair!

Dear Bill (Richardson, not Clinton),

You are undeservedly neglected by the media.  You’re a strong candidate with tons of
experience, unlike the twin pretty boys in the “first tier.”

Dear Bill (Clinton, not Richardson),

I think you will make a fabulous first gentleman.  Just make sure you really are a gentleman while Hil’s in office,

Dear Al,

Don’t run.  You can
accomplish more for the environment when you are not beholden to anyone.

Dear John (McCain, not Edwards),

You are running on the “it’s my turn” platform, even though
you lost your credibility long ago.  Not
everyone gets a turn.  Did you learn nothing from Bob Dole?

Dear Mitt,

Credibility is not your strong point either, but great hair!

Dear Rudy,

You might pull a crossover vote, making up for all the RWCs
that will scorn you for supporting the rights of women and other marginalized
folk.  Not sure you’ve got the hair for
the job, though.

Dear Ron,

You should run as a libertarian.  All that anti-war stuff doesn’t play with the
GOP crowd.

Dear Fred,

Make up your mind already.

Dear Newt,





24 thoughts on “

  1. She hasn’t picked a song yet?  After all the help I gave her?
    John Edwards is my least favorite Democratic presidential candidate.  As in, I actually have feelings about him.  As in, I actively dislike him.  But he does have nice hair.  Mitt’s handsomer, though. 
    I don’t understand why people are still talking about Newt Gingrich as a presidential candidate.  I think that ship sailed for him, like, ten years ago.  If indeed it was ever in the dock.
    And Fred Thompson’s Cuomo routine is getting old.
    I’m impressed that you’re on a first-name basis with all these cats.

  2.  As a life long Democrat I’m rather horrified that the only one who appeals to me is Rudy Guiliani.  But I’d be afraid to vote for him.  If he really wants to win he’ll be forced to give into the Fundamentalists.  Actually, I’m surprised they aren’t trying to change the law so that Ahnold the body-building, lousy actor, son of a nazi, governator of California can run.

  3. Can you imagine, “President Newt Gingrich.”  He’s the only act that can out-stupid Stupid.  Off to read about Obama’s nonsense.  Politics.  damn!

  4. I think I will keep up with the next election via your blog and that’s it. I dread primary season (which sadly has already started) as it gluts my NPR waves with TMI.

  5. Nice summary, presented this way.  I just wish we had someone really strong among the Dems.  Y’know, someone with no baggage, no skeletons in the closet, and enough charisma to win and get good things done.

  6. I sense a groundswell of support for Dennis.   He’s the only one who tells it like it is.   GOOOOOOOO  Dennis!!!!!!  How about a letter to him now?

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