Sleep-away camp.  First time for Tigger.  She’s there for a whole week.  A couple of months ago her BFF Lulu moved to California.  Happily, Lulu’s mom sent her north for the week so she could go to camp with Tigger.  To say that they are pleased would be a tremendous understatement.


We arrived at camp at 2:30, checked the girls in and waited while they underwent a mandatory lice check.  I wasn’t expecting that, but hey, it seems like a good idea. 


On the way from the check-in area to the tent cabin that will be their home this week, the two girls walked ahead, holding hands sometimes, looking relaxed and thrilled to be there.  I was jealous and so was Little Bit.  The place looks like fun, with canoes, and paths through the woods, archery, and other campy stuff.


I don’t expect Tigger will be homesick.  Heck, Tig would be renting her own apartment at this point if her allowance would cover it. 


We handed the girls over to their counselor and they chose their bunks.  We were clearly superfluous at that point, so kissed them goodbye and departed.


Don’t worry.  I’ll be ok.  I think.




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  1. I was like that, when my parents took me to camp.  No homesickness.  Just indulged in the parentless fun!!
    My own kids are going on vacation with their father next weekend.  For two weeks.  I’ve never been away from them for longer than a week!!  But I’ll be fine, too.  I think.

  2. OMG, take it from someone (me, lol) who attended a camp like that from the age of 8 through my teen years (first as a camper, then C.I.T, counselor and C.I.T. Director) – this is a wonderful opportunity for your daughter!  I hope she will come back having had adventures that she will recall when she has children of her own!

  3. oh my goodness, my 9-1/2 year old would be nervous spending the night at a friend’s! And even if you could handle camp… I would be a wreck. I hope you have lots to keep you busy this week so the time will fly by 😉

  4. Saw your comment on my “Hmmmmm?” blog. Did not know that rabbits were into playing dress up next thing you know there will be trans-sexual rabbits hop,hop,hopping around :0Wow girls grow up way too fast these days. I remember that I did not like little boys until I was ohhh about 13. Life in the fast lane……

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