Mysterious intrusion!

When composing the post below, at NO TIME did I link the word that ryhmes with iProne to any advertising whatsoever.  And yet, all references to the iProne are now linked to a video ad for the product.  How did they do that?  I feel violated.


It is almost midnight and I’m considering venturing out into the rainy dark night and getting in line outside the Apple store, because you know the iPhone goes on sale at 6 pm Friday.  In fact, I may hustle up a plane ticket and fly to the east coast and line up at an Apple store there, because it will be 6 pm three hours earlier and then I can for sure be the first on my block to own the gadget that does it all. 

Alternatively, I may just brush my teeth and curl up in bed with a good fishing book. 

But then again, consider the coffee shop conundrum.  Today, for example, I was at a primo table, next to an outlet so I could plug in and preserve my battery life.  My productivity ran high, as it always does when I’m adequately fueled with caffeine and not distracted by the haus frau matters that torment me at home.  And then I had to pee, also the result of adequate fueling with caffeine.

Though I generally have a polite if distant relationship with my fellow coffee shop denizens, I don’t trust ’em.  So I stowed my phone and iPod on my person, unplugged my laptop and carried the lot with me into the bathroom, leaving my papers and backpack on the table to save the coveted spot for my return. 

See how a multi-purpose gadget could improve my life? Just stuff it in my pocket and waltz off to pee. 

Well, the iPhone’s not quite there yet.  Now if it could fold out to become a full-sized keyboard and screen, and then fold back to pocket size, we’d have something to talk about. 

So I’ll stay in my cozy bed on the west coast tonight.  It’s not like the iPhone is something important, like the next and last Harry Potter book…


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  1. Hi, TR, I’m just getting off  work, been a long day but i have to have my xanga fix. Yeah, I’m headed right out to get a 600 dollar phone- to go with our 600 dollar mattress! What a laugh!

  2. You say phooey to the $500 phone now, but how many of us ten years ago would have been willing to pony up $350 for a portable music player?
    As for the full size keyboard and screen, they’re already available.  If you can stand wearing one of those ridiculous Bluetooth earpieces, step up to the plate with a headmounted monitor device, complete with miniature LCD screen sitting 50 mm from your eyeball.
    And for the portable keyboard, check out this beauty:

  3. If I had to choose between them, I’d take the new Harry Potter book.  But I’ll admit the IPhone does sound like a cool toy. . .too bad I have to eat and pay bills this month.

  4. You make a point that you probably don’t even realize.  The iPhone, and the 7th HP book releasing so close together actually means that we’ve entered the last few days of this world as we know it.  According to the prophesies, “the boy shall defeat the nameless, and his loyal followers shall spread the word so swiftly that time shall slow to a halt and all life shall be lost.”  “Also they shall be playing music and surfing the web on their iPhones.”  The second part of the prophesy really brings it together.

  5. I’m not that interested in the iPhone. It is certainly a pretty gadget, but I don’t need pretty if it doesn’t do the job. My Blackberry 8100 (Pearl) has data and messaging features that iPhone does not and costs less than half as much. As for multimedia, the iPhone has no mass storage, so it is not a useful music/video player.

  6. A huge smile has spread across my face with this post. I think the last time I used the bathroom at Starbucks I found myself locked in. Ever try pounding on a door in a place like that and calling for help? Was it my fault they had removed part of the door mechinism without notice until the door shut behind you?

  7. I was wondering what other paranoid writers do about the pee/laptop/coffee shop dilemma. I have seen many people leave there’s behind on the table, trusting me and everyone else there. But I haven’t reached that level of trust in my relationship to strangers.

  8. The day I line up for anything is the day I need to be shot.RYC: Not only is this boy young, he wouldn’t have a lot going for him as date material if he was older. No job, sells drugs and likes it, no family, unless you count gang bangers, Just what all Jewish parents want for their son in law, a nice black gang banger 16 year old. Not easy to make that into a doctor.

  9. iPhoneiPhoneiPhone i Phone ……just wanted to see what would happen.   People are really nuts to stand in line all night for this baloney which will be obsolete next week or even sooner.

  10. I hate when I have to pee in the coffee shop. I always take my purse, phone and laptop. Occasionally I think how disgusted some people must be to see me go into a stall with a phone and a laptop. Perhaps they think I’m going to get a little work done in the ladies’ room. Then I realize I don’t care what they think, as long as they can’t steal my electronics.

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