If any of you plan to be traveling, I urge you not to set
foot in Seattle-Tacoma
International Airport.  That’s because there are already WAY TOO MANY
people there.  Most of whom were a.)
waiting in line to check in for the flight to San Francisco, and then b.) waiting in line
for their turn to get strip searched by non-English speaking security

Confession: while I dutifully removed my computer, my
camera, and my iPod from my backpack to receive their own private x-ray treatment,
I neglected to remove the power cord for my computer, per the instructions of
the shouting security lady.  Nobody
noticed.  If you don’t hear from me again
you may assume I have paid the price for my malfeasance.

I also suggest you stay away from Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, for much
the same reasons. 

Note: there do not appear to be any fishermen whatsoever at
Fisherman’s Wharf.  There is, however, a
chocolate shop.

Other things you should know about San Francisco:

It’s cold. 
65 degrees and overcast.  In
August.  Ah, reminds me of home.

Chinatown is just like Tijuana, only with cheap Chinese junk instead
of cheap Mexican junk.  Actually, the
shopkeepers in Chinatown don’t follow you down the street trying to talk you
into buying their junk like the guys in Tijuana
do.  But they don’t let you take photos
in their stores.  Like if you took a
picture of their Chinese tourist crap and posted it on the internet you would
give away their secrets.

Did I mention there’s a chocolate shop?

Note to my parents: remember the caricature artists who draw
funny pictures of tourists for a small fee? 
They’re still here.  I swear it’s
the same guys we saw around Ghirardelli
Square in 1975.

What are we doing tomorrow? 
Don’t know yet.  Suggestions?







8 thoughts on “

  1. Palace of the Legion of Honor (do not leave SF without a visit here)
    deYoung Museum (in GG Park, but I guess you know that)
    Anything in Golden Gate Park (Japanese Gardens!)
    Marin Headlands, for the outdoorsy types
    Alcatraz, if only to say you’ve been there, got the T-shirt.

  2. Alcatraz…it’s worth the boat ride out there but dress warmly. Check out the seals which have taken over one of the piers. More chocolate. Did I say more chocolate? Muir Woods for the redwood trees. Oh yeah…more chocolate.

  3. buy shoes.  go to the ghirardelli chocolate place and take the tour and buy tourist junk.  Oh!  take the ferry over to Alcatraz.  You won’t believe how tiny the cells are.

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