This morning Technogeek and Little Bit had to set off explosives by my head to wake me, because the snoring-induced earplugs I wear work so well.  So the cable car dinging and motorcycle revving on the street below didn’t alert me to the morning hour.  Once roused, we drove down to Haight Street for breakfast. 

The Haight-Ashbury district can be summed up thusly: more head shops per capita than anyplace else in the U.S. 

Before sending Tigger to Palo Alto, I promised I would get her a kickin’ San Francisco souvenir.  We found just what she needed in a little shop with 800 bong models on the wall–a sparkly purple beaded door curtain for her bedroom.

I know.  Y’all wish you had one too.

The Castro proved anti-climactic.  Run-down and seedy.  Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is way gayer.

In the afternoon we visited Golden Gate Park.  We walked carefully and didn’t crash into any cloaked starships whatsoever.

Little Bit played on the first publicly funded playground in the country, or so the sign said.  She had a grand old time until a bonk (not to be confused with the bongs in a previous paragraph) brought her fun to an immediate end.

Dinner, wandering around downtown, blah blah, hanging around hotel room being quietish, hoping the kid goes to sleep soon.

End of transmission.


12 thoughts on “

  1. I must have missed something.  What’s Tigger doing in Palo Alto?  Has she moved into her own apartment already?  I think there’s a sale on pink paint at Home Depot!
    Don’t they have Target or Walmart in San Francisco?  They have such cute little girl’s departments.
    Is Little Bit ok after her Bloomingdale’s disaster? 

  2. Capt Kirk is still around but has morphed into a 300 lb. lawyer hawking hotel rooms.  Hope there’s no lasting damage from the Little Bit clothing incident.  Otherwise please see that 300 lb. lawyer above.  Don’t forget to pick up Tigger on your return trip. 

  3. That’s because my cousin Guido jacked the Bird Of Prey years ago. Its rusted hulk is currently up on cinderblocks in a scrap yard on Eight Mile (Guido later ran afoul of some very angry Klingons and dissapeared).
    The Enterprise bridge would have looked cool with beaded curtains, too. Maybe a lava lamp or three, some Jefferson Airplane insted of all that beeping and clucking.
    Enjoy the vacation!

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