My husband has a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.  He didn’t sign up on purpose, it’s just that, as a relatively charming part of his ongoing midlife crisis, he recently took up the bass guitar.  It seems that when you buy a bass guitar and the apparently endless numbers of accessory items that go with it you automatically get a subscription to Rolling Stone, even if you are old enough to have ailments that can’t be discussed in polite company.


That’s how I came to have a picture of scantily-clad teen heartthrob Zac Efron on my kitchen table.  The accompanying article explains how Zac intends to keep living his regular old normal life even as he’s posing for RS photoshoots that, as far as I can see, are aimed primarily at, shall we say, firming up the circulation amongst RS’s gay male readers.



A few weeks ago my girls took some swimming lessons.  When we arrived for the first one, the manager pointed across the pool at their instructor, a 19ish boy named Max. 


He’s HOT, I said in my head.


“He’s HOT,” my tween daughter said out loud.


In spite of her precocious appreciation for Max’s hotness, Tigger has no interest in Zac Efron.  One of her pals has a poster of poster-boy Zac, and they use it for target practice. 


Since ten turns out to be too young for Zac worship, I had to wonder, when we were out shopping this weekend, why High School Musical shows up on the clothing of much younger girls.  I’m talking shirts, sweats, socks, and other apparel, all the way down to toddler sizes.  My six-year-old doesn’t even know who Zac is, and she certainly didn’t want his picture on her undies.  She went with the traditional hearts and flowers motif, thankyouverymuch.


Back in my day, Zac Efron was known as Shaun Cassidy.  I had pictures of him all over my bedroom.  I guess there must have been Shaun Cassidy t-shirts and whatnot, but I don’t remember ever seeing him on anything sized 4T. 


I guess I don’t have anything else to say about this.  Just that little girl clothes should be free of teeny-bopper boy toys, and so should Rolling Stone.  Why does no one listen to me?




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  1. I don’t quite understand how he got tangled up in his t-shirt like that.  What is he trying to do?  Why is he laughing about it?  Why is his navel in the wrong place?

  2. Creepy.  Just….creepy.  Bad enough that toddler sizes are now awash with styles meant to be worn on (easy) grown ‘women’ with breasts and hips… but putting pics of teen heartthrobs on kids’ clothes is just… well, creepy.

  3. I take my gdaughter to do all her clothes shopping and I understand your wonder-ment about them putting heart throb guys on everything for little girls down to 4T size! It’s disgusting and it’s already bad enough that I can’t find anything for an almot 7 yr old to wear that doesn’t make her look like a wanna be 20 yr old hooker but having to deal with those pics on everything also takes ALL the joy out of shopping with her!! Ahhh…you know you’re old when you want everything including clothes shopping to go in reverse-and fast too!! I just detest the clothes little girls my gdaughter’s age want to buy and think are “normal” for her age!! I shell out good money for things I really detest but she wouldn’t be normal if she wanted to wear something other than what everyone else is wearing I suppose. I still just hate it though!! 😦  So believe me, I hear ya!!

  4. Did you see my post about having to buy all my 6-year-old’s clothes off eBay because the mall treats her like either a hooker or a pop star? Did you see the Simpsons episode where Lisa is shopping in the mall and there’s a “Little Hooker” line of clothes for girls? heh.

  5. Ok, I’m glad someone close to my age said he was hot.  I was feeling a bit creepy with my thoughts. 
    As for Zac underwear for tots…um…no.  All marketing of teen hotties should be to teens.   I mean seriously, don’t they start early enough already?

  6. Yup.  Target audience for that cover photo definitely not women.
    RYC:  We’ve got a market near my work called “New Seasons”, a semi-local equivalent of Whole Foods.  We like to call it “Why Pay Less?”  I get my rank and file produce at WinCo and fancy stuff at Trader Joe’s. 

  7. I don’t even know who Zac whuthisname is, but I hope like hell my granddaughter isn’t wearing him on her underwear. And I’m thinkin’ that moms probably still pay for their daughters’ undies and I’m guessing if nobody bought the Zac crap, they’d quit making it.Wouldn’t they?

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