If you’ve ever met my husband, you know he’s a manly man.  He’s big.  He’s loud.  He walks like he owns the place, and not just at home, where, you know, he does.  He eats red meat.  Lots.  His brain contains an infinite number of trivial manly details, like exactly what year Chevrolet started putting fins on their cars, and what year they stopped.  He holds the traditional male gender role of breadwinner in our family, and wins the bread in a male-dominated field.  He peruses the Victoria’s Secret catalog when it arrives in the mail, and not because he thinks he’d look divine in a demi-bra.


So it may surprise you to learn that he bought himself a car that Barbie would be proud to drive.


Barbie’s car:




Technogeek’s car:




Except that his doesn’t have those masculine zebra stripes.  It’s pink.


This vehicle is all electric.  No gas.  None.  Take that, Saudi Arabia!  He plans to commute in it and charge it up on the company’s dime while he works. 


Have you ever driven a bumper car at the fair?  It feels kind of like that, except, you know, you’re not supposed to hit anything.  The kids think it is the coolest. thing. ever.  


Everyone turns to stare as it zips silently down the street.  Everywhere it stops, a crowd gathers.  When we arrived at the back-to-school picnic last night, a cheer went up.  I tell you, it’s unnerving. 


He’s still searching for a good six-letter (or less) name to put on the vanity license plate he plans to buy.  I initially favored PEPTO, but it’s the wrong shade of pink.  Any suggestions?



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  1. You know what this means… it means he’s manly enough to carry this off. Kudos to him. It just wouldn’t do to have a sissy-man in this car. No, no. We’d sure like to hear more on this one.

  2. He would definately need one of those “Real men wear pink” bumper stickers to match.
    I can’t think of any suggestions for the license plate that would be appropriate.  My mind fell in the gutter and it’s still a little dirty.

  3. Go Technogeek!  I had a college buddy who drove an electric car (built from a kit) – the whole silent running thing took some getting used to but the novelty never wore off. 
    My vote for the license plate:  MARY K

  4. Oh, and I did think of the Pink Panther thing. The really obvious ones aren’t available, and the 6 letter limit makes things difficult, but CLSEAU and DIAMND are both available. Strangely, MINKEY is not.CHARGE, ELPHNT, and one of my favorites, SHOCKN, are all available.TR did not like MYPOD at all.

  5. I am tempted to believe that this post is in jest, but I am confident that Transvestite Rabbit does not pull our leg when it comes to important matters such as pink cars, and my handy Automatic Jest Detection Device did not sound its alarm. I am also tempted to believe that Techno Geek is playing an elaborate prank on Transvestite Rabbit in purchasing a vehicle of this sort, perhaps in an effort to cultivate his feminine side, although certainly I have been wrong in the past, the present and the future. But take that, Saudi Arabia, is right! Kudos! Good game. Well played. Thanks; I got both blanks, all 4 Ss and the Z and the X. It happens. Rematch? Sorry, got to go. OK, see ya. Cheers.License plate suggestion: (heart symbol)NOGASGood on you, mates!

  6. Aside from my own idea (PURTY), I favor ITSRED so far. But three wheels… how about TRIPOD? Or ME3PGO? A blend of threeness and pink (with the P). Sounds Star Warish. Yeah. I like that. ECOPNK? GRNPNK? Then there’s what people do: SMILE. Or 2HOT4U? Wow. I kinda like that one. Need more? 

  7. Yay hubby, my hub wouldn’t fit in it comfortably, nor would I. Couldn’t afford to charge it up on our city electric rates either.
    Now how does it do in crash tests? We have drivers as crazy as Ohio’s.

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