I can’t believe anyone doubts my word.  Have I ever lied to you?

Fine.  Here’s the photographic evidence.



Looks like a little critter, doesn’t it?


Side view.  That’s my minivan in the background.  The new addition would fit neatly inside it.


Getting juiced


High tech dash.  The switch on the right doesn’t do anything.  Neither does the big green button.


This is under the back seat.


No cargo space at all.


Under the hood.


Proud as a new papa.


31 thoughts on “

  1. So basically it’s an enclosed golf cart?  How many miles will it go on a charge?
    I think the license plate should say BEANO.  Because it has no gas and it looks like a bean, get it?

  2. When Smiddy and I got married, we bought a chair.  I wanted it desperately, because it matched our couch, but he didn’t want it because he said it was pink.  I convinced him it was really “raspberry”, and 10 years later, it is his favorite place to park.  It’s the same shade as T-Geek’s car.
    I like ITSRED and PANTHER as well as the one that sounded like Star Wars.

  3. Oh my gosh it’s staring at me!! lol I think it’s really wild looking! Jury’s still out on the color. I know I’d tend to get tired of it but then it’s soooooooooo cute maybe not!! I don’t think I could EVER get my hubby to drive anything that color though! I’m positive about that part. Good-then if I had one I’d never have to let him drive it!! Seriously cute car~!! 🙂

  4. It has four seats. It does not tip over.I suggested BEANO several days ago. TR’s bad taste-o-meter is over sensitive, I think.The signal and tail lights are amber and red LEDs with clear lenses, giving the rhinestone effect. I am trying to find an LED lamp for the center headlight. The center headlight is a motorcycle/trike thing.It should go about 30 miles on a charge. More with better batteries, which I will eventually get. The batteries have to be cycled about twenty times before they will accept a full charge. They are being charged for the eighth time now; today I drove about 15 miles and they were pretty low by the time I got home.Go to for the distributor. Look at the Xebra_EV list on Yahoo Groups for a bunch of nuts that own them.

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