Every day since school started on Wednesday, Little Bit has come home chattering with excitement.  She’s in love with 1st grade.


She loves her new classroom and the big square cubby hole with her name on it.


She loves that she’s allowed to check out three books at a time from the library now.


She loves that she got her first choice of foreign language class—Espanol, gracias, and that the new Spanish teacher plays fun games.


She loves her new pink Barbie gym shoes, that I pray will not be recalled for any reason whatsoever.


She loves the little spiral notebook and yellow pencil that her teacher gave each child to write down story ideas.  She’s already filled up a whole page.


So far so good.


Tigger loves 5th grade too, though she would never admit it. 


But every day she comes home and says “I’m so glad I got Mrs. C for math.  She makes math fun, and she explains things better.” 


Tigger disliked math all last year because her teacher, Mr. Boring, was apparently no fun at all and couldn’t explain worth a damn.  Fortunately, Mr. Boring left the school and moved to Japan, where he may be boring some Japanese 4th graders at this very moment.


Remind me to send Mrs. C some cookies or something.


Even though Tigger is voraciously reading her way through the teen angst section of the library and has developed a rather alarming interest in rap music, 2007-2008 is shaping up to be a great year.






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  1. Good that Little Bit loves her cubby now …wait til she finds out about cubicles in a few years.   Better tell her to brush up on her chess skills…the Bear is itching for a challenge.    Oh Nooooo…not rap!

  2. Sounds wonderful for all! In our little abode, things are shaping up nicely too. . .But watch out for middle school  (here, that means 6th-8th grades)- it’s a battle ground of mean kids trying to push their way into a place in their social world. Thankfully, Eldest is in 8th, and will move on to high school next year, which I hope proves a bit kinder.  

  3. Oh God, not rap!  Anything but rap.  Maybe if you tell her that you are crazy for rap she’ll decide it’s just too dorky for words.
    I’m glad little Bit is so happy in school this year.  Hopefully the first graders are not into rap.
    Has T-Geek decided what his vanity license plate is going to say?

  4. Ah, that’s great. Unfortunately my oldest is not exactly in love with first grade. He doesn’t hate it, though. It’s more that he just thinks of it as a friend, the kind you ignore and then use so you can hit on her sister.

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