To: Guy at the gym this morning

Re:  Smirking at my Sesame Street towel


Dude, don’t be dissing the little red monster.  Elmo loves you.  Peace.



To: Woman at the gym this morning

Re: Walking out in workout clothes plus heels


Looked stupid.



To: Self

Re: Going to the gym before work four times now


Good job.



To: My beloved pet

Re: Book chewing


Strongly suggest you cease and desist.  Technogeek has been muttering darkly about rabbit stew.



To: Technogeek

Re: Rabbit stew


Don’t even think about it.



 To: Weather Gods

Re: 85 degree day


I liked it, personally, but Little Bit was irked at not being able to wear new long-sleeved dress and flower patterned pink tights.  Please send rain.



To: Technogeek

Re: Basement rec room


….still waiting….



To: Self

Re: Blog






20 thoughts on “

  1. Hard to return books to the library when the back cover has been gnawed off by Fido.  I tried.  Five minutes they called me up and said, “This is not how you checked the book out.”  “What makes you say that?”  They didn’t smile.

  2. So Seattleites (Seattleans?) actually ASK for the rain?! Who knew?! I know how Lil Bit feels, though… I’m actually more of a cool-weather person. I loves my jean jacket and my long-sleeved black shirts and get a little annoyed at this nice sunny weather!

  3. HI! Caught up on your last few blogs. I must agree on the lewd behavior comments. Ladies in my playgroup were just aghast that that would happen and I told them it’s been happening for ages and that those guys are no more likely to be child molesters (since that is what moms are worried about) than non-foot-tapping guys. Maybe even less so, as they have an obvious objective for hanging out the men’s bathroom that involves consenting adult sex. I still think it’s kind of icky, but it does seem there are better ways to spend police officers’ time. I’m just curious to see if the senator actually resigns!have a lovely day – hooray for good math explanations!!

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