Back when I started this blog thingie, my youngest child was
a shy little four-year-old, and I nicknamed her Little Bit. 

Today that child turned seven. 

She’s quite tall for her age, slim and blonde and pixie-ish,
currently sporting a gap-toothed grin.  She
has pink, girly tastes like her sister. 
Apparently they inherited that from their dad.

My daughter has always been strongly attached to me.  As a baby she never let me put her down.  As a toddler she stuck close to me at all
times.  Even now she often clings. But
little by little, in tiny steps, she gains confidence, independence, and

She tells me that when she’s grown up she will still live
here with me and TGeek.  She’s aware that
I believe she will change her mind about that, but she knows in her heart it’s

Every day she goes to 1st grade and learns new
stuff.  All day she runs with her posse,
room to room and across campus.  She’s
got that environment mastered.  And every
day when I pick her up, she’s happy to see me. 
She wants to go home where she feels the safest. 

She’s still cuddly and sweet, with no hint of the
anxious-to-grow-up-faster that seems to grab kids at younger and younger
ages nowadays.

So even though my kid is a big seven-year-old now, I’m still
going to call her Little Bit.  For at
least one more year.

Happy birthday baby girl.  I love you.


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  1. Love this. When my eldest and I were discussing her birthday plans for the big 16 I said “Well, this is kind of your last big birthday I’ll give you until you’re 40 or so.” She said “What about when I’m 21?” I just looked at her and said “Usually you celebrate that with your friends rather than your mother but if you want a 21st birthday party I can swing it!” She looked a bit sheepish and said, “oh yeah. No I’ll do that with my friends I think.”

  2. And for her, many happy returns of the day and all the days in between!I call one of my granddaughters Little Bit. Her name is Brook Terra-BT–and somehow that turned into Little Bit for me. She’s a lovely seventeen year-old now and from time to time, that name comes out with great affection. It probably always will.Little Bit sounds like a fine name for a candy bar!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bit!
    I still call my kid Punkin, even though she’s fourteen. Parental perogative. Not only are you entitled to call her Little Bit forever, you’re entitled to haul out baby pics whenever she brings a date home.

  4. RYC – You have to admit it’s funnier with the “freak.”  And I’d read about the Moonray story and found it lame, but as there are no other chocolate cafes in town, I am forced to overlook the lame-osity thereof.  I still eat pork, even after the pork council tried to claim exclusive rights to the phrase “The Other White,” so I guess I’m just a hypocrite, or something.

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