Am I just a techno-idiot, or is Xanga Themes harder to use than the old look-and-feel screen?  (Note to my husband: do not answer that.)

Not sure I like this, but the field of green was starting to make me queasy.

Anybody with mad design skilz want to make me a banner?  And tell me how to get it on the top of my page?

Ack!  And how do I make boxes for comments so they don’t get lost against the background?

Oh, and with my new theme Xanga puts ads at the top AND the bottom of my screen. 

I stole somebody else’s theme.  But I still need comment boxes.  Somebody please send me html for comment boxes! 

Dear god, what have I done?


I’m still not happy.  How do I put text in the header?  And why is there no margin between the sides of the box and the text?

Another problem–what I see on my public preview (where the Theme gets edited) is NOT what actually appears on my public site. 

Sorry, Xanga, Themes sucks.



24 thoughts on “

  1. I am definitely not a fan of themes. L&F was much much better and easier. Hope you can find someone to make you a wonderful banner. Alas, I cannot. I am skilled in some things, but banner making, I am not.

  2. I dunno, I cheat. I go to the themes page and click random until I see one I like, and then I just “Remix” it. Which means push buttons trial-and-error style until it looks pretty.

  3. I think the themes are fun to play with, but I enjoyed the L&F too.  Are they taking that option away?  No idea how to put comments in boxes, so I hope someone posts with directions for that.

  4. discovered the hard way that themes will shut a lot of people down who are on dial up or using a different operating system other than windows, took themes off for that very reason.  although once themes are on it’s not so simple to take it off.  just like most things in life!

  5. Ack!  I can’t read the comments over the pretty ocean picture.  How am I supposed to keep up surveillance on you left-wing rabblerousers? 
    And the blue is a little bit too blue – at least on my LCD.

  6. ACK!   What happened.  I mean my dismal grey may not be yer cup o tea, but this is mindnumbingly hard to read.  I shudder to think what your posts would be like if you didn’t provide a background.  Very distracting…..

  7. You are not crazy. The Themes are terrible. I am having trouble reading your comments now because of the background, but I don’t see any green. And yes^ the blue is too blue.Lynn

  8. If you find answers to your questions, will you forward them to me? Cause I don’t know how to do much more than copy someone else’s theme from the them directory. After that, I’m lost.

  9. RE Xanga Themes:  I promised to give up ranting for two more weeks, so here is what would ordinarily be a rant on the comprehensive suckiness of Xanga Themes:*(*^&% $^%^&!!!!  &%##*???? $#@*!!! )(**, %^&$#@ + $%^&*- &&^%$@(*.  %%^&$!!!

  10. I dig this. Clean, simple, easy to read. And I just remembered this one site, Check that out. I want to say it has a Xanga section with a Forum of sorts and it might explain how to do some specific things you’re looking for.

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