If you want to know just how much trouble this country is in, check out this handy dandy tool.  It lets you compare the health care plans of all the presidential candidates—even the ones you keep forgetting about, like Christopher “Who?” Dodd, and Tom “EVERYTHING is the immigrants’ fault” Tancredo.


Politicos never seem to call me for advice, but I’ll offer some anyway.  These people are clearly desperate.


Tips for Republicans


  1. Stating your intention to use “market solutions” to “increase competition” among providers does NOT constitute a “plan.”
  2. Offering to allow medical expenses to be deducted from one’s taxes does NOT help uninsured poor people who don’t earn enough to pay taxes.
  3. Confidential to Fred Thompson, who says we should:


Modernize delivery and administration of care by encouraging widespread use of clinical best practices


If we are not currently “encouraging widespread use of clinical best practices,” somebody needs to be fired.


Tips for Democrats


  1. Having the government require individuals to obtain medical insurance gives everyone the heebie jeebies.  Let me translate that into tax-payer-speak for you:


We are going to make a new law to control your life further.  We are going to jack up your taxes to partially pay for it.  We are going to put the remaining funding burden on the states.  Your state will jack your taxes up more to cover their portion.  You’re welcome.


  1. Confidential to Dennis Kucinich, who wants to:


Replace existing public and private health insurance plans with a new universal public plan under which all Americans would be covered. Benefits would be comprehensive, including dental, mental health and vision services, and long-term care, and no deductibles or other cost sharing would be imposed. Only public or not-for-profit providers of care would be allowed to participate in the single-payer plan.


Hand medical practice entirely over to the government?  OUR government?  Are you out of your idealistic impractical mind?


Best eat your veggies and get some exercise, friends.  This is no time to be sick.






  1. Yes…OUR government.   Remember where your veggies came from during your first 18 years.  Having said that, I don’t trust them now either.  Viva Le Revolutione….otherwise known as the Nov 08 election.

  2. Great comments by you.  But I have to cringe at the website a bit, though.  The world’s biggest HMO suddenly feels compelled to become the League of Women Voters?  Far be it for me to suggest there are any little agendas in it, but be assurred it will go to every Kaiser patient as elections draw near.  But then who am I not to trust Big Industry?

  3. Jerry–nothing sudden about it.  The Kaiser Family Foundation specializes in health research, reporting, policy, and education.  They have an immense web site containing vast amounts of information about world-wide health issues.  I depend on them heavily when I’m researching AIDS info for my work. 
    While it shares a founder with the HMO, there doesn’t seem to be any direct connection between them now.  From the web site,
    The Foundation’s trustees – including former policymakers and leaders from business, academia, and the non-profit community – serve a maximum of two four-year terms.  The Foundation is not associated with Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Industries.

  4. Oh, ok!  Shows how little I know, and I had no idea there was as separation.  It sounds like a good source of information–thanks for setting me straight!

  5. It is a strange strange world. And I would offer another bit of advice to individuals: Do NOT expect to go the doctor for every sniffle and not pay something. You’ll pay one way or the other, believe me. That said, don’t you find it a bit odd that it’s the Democrats saying “Everyone must buy their own insurance.” Wish we could get the auto insurance working that way… oh wait. That IS the law, right? That’s why I pay extra on MY premium to cover my costs in case I get in an accident with people who don’t follow the law and don’t have any insurance. Dang, and the last accident I was in was lo and behold with someone who had no insurance, so I had to sue my insurance company to get them to cover my medical bills because, as they explained it to me, since I paid for “uninsured drivers’ insurance” they were representing the uninsured driver. Uh huh. Makes sense to me in a Mad Hatter sort of world.

  6. I’m hearing Hillary’s plan for revamping health care isn’t all that bad; she’s been saying it’s the same plan Congress has. I would think she’s learned a lot since her failure at overhauling health care when Bill was in office.Excuse me while I go see my witch doctor.

  7. I’m not sure that health care can be fixed.  I thought the Republican plan was for everyone to pray extra hard that they never get sick.  Surely Jesus, seeing the quality of care provided by HMO’s in America (Hi there Group Health) will step in and make everyone better!  It’s almost as logical and practical a solutioon as is proposed by a lot of these guys.
    Personally I am going to stick with my board certified Doc, who has made me laugh and feel better for the last 16 years.

  8. I totally agree that one more tax break won’t help and will just make more paperwork. I’m so sick of flex spending.  I sort of like the idea of having health care be non-profit but perhaps I’m out of my mind.  Then again, our state universities do ok with that approach.  

  9. I can’t believe they never called you for your advice.  They should your one smart cookie.  Of course it’s another thing I have to be scared about, but it’s okay.  This is turning out to be a depressing Sunday.  We should all shoot ourselves.RYC:  They are not around girls much, they’re a little hard up ha ha.

  10. ps.  I never got to weigh in on the college issue.  I say send her.  Make sure you tell her about frat parties and the date rape drug.  Remember, she’ll be smaller than the other kids, so she needs to drink less from a kegger, binging is probably a bad idea until 14 or 15.  Have you had the safe sex talk yet?  Don’t worry they have parent weekend, and she can bring her laundry home on her bike.

  11. since I had nothing better to do, I checked out the link for the college ( sad but true on a beautiful day) anyway, Jennie would have qualified for that program.  I wonder if I would have looked into it.  I’m so glad i didn’t know about it.  Her high school experience was amazing.  We wouldn’t have known all she missed.  Plus she was valedictorian ( which was one of the highlights for me as a mom).  But I know myself, I would have looked into it, maybe even sent her.  She was bored a lot in high school, and she was more mature than many of her friends. But she would have missed out on SO much   So if your seriously thinking about it.  DON’T

  12. No, indeed. I think the country would be a healthier place overall after a radical governmentectomy. It’s too sick to be saved.

  13. Meh, you can’t afford to get sick–perhaps you DO need to pray your way to better health.  After all, surely God will answer those prayers. (Yep, that was sarcasm….) All of the politicians have THEIR healthcare paid for, so what in the hell do they care about the po’ pissant peasants like us?  They just blow enough hot air to try and get elected, then do pretty much nothing.  Thanks a lot, democracy!

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