This morning I received work-related correspondence from the Executive Director of the philanthropic arm of a corporation.  She signed herself:   Jane Doe, Esq.

I’d never seen esquire used by a woman before, and realized that I didn’t know what it meant even when attached to a man’s name.  Had to look it up.

Ok, without googling or dictionary.com-ing, can anybody explain esquire?

First one to get it right gets to insert the plot point of their choice into my story.

Well, Bad_Dogma is Johnny-on-the-spot today. 

Choose your plot point, bro.  Keep it clean.


19 thoughts on “POP QUIZ

  1. I couldn’t without looking it up.  So I did anyway and came up with this one, down the list: “In medieval times, a candidate for knighthood who served a knight as an attendant and a shield bearer.”  Does she have a shield?

  2. Speaking as a female Esq. myself, it is indeed an honorary title used by attorneys in the US, although historically it applied only to English men who were above the rank of gentleman and just below the rank of knight.   

  3. I think I know why that video is sideways, having done that myself recording video with my camera. When you turn it sideways to frame a picture, the camera automatically flips the image so it’s not sideways, but it is too complicated to do that with video.  I’m sure editing software can fix it, but maybe it was just a quick post. Great song!

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