On to more important matters.


Today is World AIDS Day—a great time for those who aspire to be the Leader of the Free World to take a stand on the pandemic killer.  (Yes, I know the WHO recently adjusted their prevalence statistics downward, but the remaining numbers are still staggering.)


Recently a coalition of concerned organizations in Iowa (including such bastions of liberalism as the American Red Cross Central Iowa Chapter and the Lutheran Services in Iowa Refugee Cooperative) sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates.


The questions:


  • Do you support the Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA), which expands Medicaid for HIV-positive people who would otherwise need to become completely disabled in order to qualify for Medicaid-covered services?
  • Do you support the replacement of funding for international and domestic “abstinence only” HIV prevention programs with scientifically based, comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education programs?
  • Do you support access to sterile syringes, as a means of protecting public health, by lifting the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange? (Survey text, 11/28).


The answers:


Democrats Biden, Richardson, Edwards, Obama, and Clinton all answered “yes” to all three questions.  The remaining Democrats did not respond.


Republicans Giuliani and Romney both declined to answer the questions.  The other Republicans did not respond.



A quick survey of the web sites of the top contenders finds World AIDS Day prominently on the front page at and at 


Clinton speechified about AIDS a couple of days ago.


Huckabee is the only Republican candidate that has addressed AIDS directly.


If you want more info on where all of the candidates stand on AIDS-related issues, here’s a quick reference guide.


Put on your red ribbons.  It’s not over yet.



9 thoughts on “THANK CLOWN THAT’S OVER

  1. I’ll answer for them. No. No. No. Where in the Constitution does it say any of this is the role of federal government? Ya, sure, promote the general welfare. So promote away. Promote does not mean fund. Citizens should band together within other organizations to wage this battle, and those organizations should quit holding out their hands like little beggers. The power is within them to do much good.

  2. Those are hard questions to answer because of the extensive involvement of the federal government, but I think accomplishing the goals of those objectives is a good thing… 
    Hey, did you ever decide on a good pen name? I have been wondering about that.  Why? Because sometimes random things inexplicably stick in my brain.

  3. I see how private industry has been doing as far as stripping employee benefits and fattening their CEO salaries, so I’d hardly depend on them.  Let our government work at saving lives instead of taking them.

  4. I don’t think I know enough about the first question to have a good opinion.  Is the expansion as cost-effective as supporters claim?  Do people with other diseases get similar treatment under medicaid?
    Yes to the second question.
    And a very reluctant yes to the third.  I’m not at all comfortable with making taxpayers pay for the bad habits of drug users… but the public health danger posed by users sharing needles is compelling.

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