My first-grader has recently taken an interest in the Harry Potter franchise.  Since her reading skills are not quite up to tackling the HP books yet, she wants to see the movies.  Yesterday she especially wanted to see Chamber of Secrets.


A survey of our dvd collection found a legit copy of Sorcerer’s Stone and a pirated copy of Goblet of Fire.  A coworker duped that film and gave it to me.  I’ve always felt guilty about it.  Piracy is theft, and the FBI might just come after me now. 


I mostly rent movies from Netflix, but Little Bit likes to see her favorites over and over.  I can’t tell you how many times the Lindsey Lohan version of The Parent Trap has aired in my living room.  **shudder**  So I decided to go out and buy Chamber of Secrets. 


We went to the local discount emporium, which claims to sell everything.  “You’ll find it at Freddy’s!” is their tag line.  Ha!


I scoured their dvd shelves and found no Harry Potter movies whatsoever.  Not one.  I went to the boy at the counter.  “Do you guys lock up the Harry Potter movies or something?”


“Oh no,” he replied, “we haven’t had any Harry Potter movies in months.”


“Um… WHY?”


“Because The Order of the Phoenix comes out on dvd on Tuesday, and they’re releasing boxed sets of the first four movies.”  He did at least sound apologetic.


“I don’t want a boxed set next week.  I want Chamber of Secrets right now.”


“Yeah.  Sorry.”


I took Little Bit by the hand and marched over to the Hollywood Video store across the parking lot.  I scoured the for-sale shelves.  No Harry Potter.  I went to the boy at the counter.  He gave me the same story.


Apparently there is a world-wide blackout on Harry Potter until Tuesday, when you WILL buy those products in the exact configuration in which the producers want to sell them.


We went home and watched the pirated copy of Goblet of Fire.  I no longer feel guilty about it.


Tangential remark:  Tigger was highly amused by the Republicans for Voldemort bumper sticker we saw recently.

The bumper sticker makes perfect sense if you consider this viewpoint.





  1. Hm… I’d give you my copy, if you lived close enough that I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble and time of mailing it.Honestly, I thought the second movie was abysmal.And if the republicans are for voldy, then the dems are for grendy.

  2. Of course, it’s almost Christmas. They only have overpriced boxed sets available. And this year, you can repurchase the boxed sets you bought last year, only now with a collectible tin!You can’t buy it online? Or you know, you might be able to find it at a place that sells previously owned dvds, someone may have gotten rid of theirs in preparation for owing the boxed set.

  3. Wow, I had no idea.  What about those of us who have been diligently adding to our “Harry Potter Collection”?  Will there be single issues of Order of the Phoenix for us?I think boxed sets are silly, and I’m sorry for your disappointment.  If my son lived near you, I’d send him over to pirate a copy of Chamber of Secrets off the internet for you.

  4. Try or ebay, cos they’ll both have it for less than you’d pay elsewhere.  It annoys me when they put out a box set afterwards, especially when there are still two more Harry Potter movies left to come out!!

  5. Dadgum, that site was scary.  She’s really possessed.The HP video thing is so manipulative.  Just do Amazon or ebay. ‘Course, you have to wait two days, but at least you’re not doing what THEY want.  As if ebay and Amazon aren’t almost as bad…

  6. Crazy.  I’ve read all the books, and enjoyed them.  The bits and pieces of the movies that I did see just didn’t do what I imagined justice.  But if you’re not up for reading a 600 page book, they’re still pretty cool.  Will people be able to get the movies singly after Tuesday, d’ya think?

  7. Steer clear of the boxed sets.  Total waste of money.  My mom bought a boxed set of all seven books and paid a premium for the Hogwarts Treasure Chest (read:  flimsy cardboard case).
    And what’s the point of buying a boxed set for an unfinished series of movies? 
    RYC:  Maybe, maybe not.  Clinton would have milked it for political advantage.  Chelsea:  “Dad, are you mad?”  Bill:  “No, honey, I’m mad at Henry Hyde.” 

  8. Just as an FYI for you if you didn’t know.  The story starts getting darker with that fourth one (Goblet of FIre) and just gets more and more dark until the end.  I’ve instituted a rule that no one can see the movies afterh GoF until they are capable of reading the books.

  9. Um…can we still be friends if I LIKE the LiLo version of “Parent Trap”? Or would you think less of me, LOL?!?!? Going off to the web to check that link now…I hope it makes sense to me, I am a Harry Potter virgin. I know the hero is the boy with the glasses….

  10. Oh, man- I just went to that link. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I’d apologize on behalf of my fellow believers, but I think I’d prefer to simply reassure you that many of us have fully funtional neurons. Lisa

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