Ok, question #1 was too easy.  I couldn’t very well have gone through Spokane and Missoula and ended up in Leavenworth, could I?  Yes, you are all right.  The Rabbits are in Montana, along with Single Dad and his kids.  That might suggest another question:


TR just LOVES freezing cold temps and snow.

a.)    True

b.)    False


Anyway, on to question #2.  I fooled most of you into guessing d.) “all of the above,” but in fact the answer is b.) “editing my manuscript.”  I don’t really mind the rain that much, and I can drink coffee and/or wine anyplace (and often do).  Progress report: futzed with several chapters today.


Question #3.  Boy, I’m disappointed in y’all.  Not a single person got the answer.  We actually saw b.) “a manger complete with a plastic baby doll and two live sheep” in downtown Spokane.  Sheep don’t talk much, so I couldn’t tell if they were enjoying it or not.


Now then, question #4.  I originally asked:


The sign board outside the Super 8 Motel in Missoula read “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

This statement is:

a.)    True

b.)    False


Most of you responded a.) “true” believing that I did in fact see such a sign board.  And I

did. But that’s not what I wanted to ask.


I wanted to know if y’all thought it was true that “Jesus is the reason for the season.” 


Because it’s a crock of bull hockey.  (Is that a real phrase?  I don’t know, they talk funny in Montana.)


The season, friends, is Winter, marked by the Solstice.  Winter comes every year without fail and has to do with the tilt of the earth and the earth’s orbit ‘round the sun.  It has nothing to do with the baby Jesus or the plastic doll in the manger in Spokane.


Nor does the celebratory nature of the days around the Solstice depend on the Christian deity.  Humans were noting the shortest day of the year and celebrating the return of the light long before Jesus showed up.  And many, many ancient cultures worshipped deities that were, coincidentally, born around the Solstice. 


Please don’t take this as another entry in the largely mythical “war on Christmas.”  I have nothing against Christmas except that it goes on too damn long.  The next time I hear Bing Crosby in some store I may open fire on the sound system.  But I digress.


You can celebrate anything you want.  You can tell me “Merry Christmas” and I will say “to you too.”  But you can’t arrogantly erase thousands of years of human history and claim the Solstice as a Christian invention.  That’s b.) False.





11 thoughts on “THE ANSWERS

  1. Poor T.R.”s tender sensibilities have been offended by the Jesus sign and the cold weather.  Although, when one goes skiing, one should realize that the weather is likely to be on the cold side.   Obviously, she is not getting enough lattes, and perhaps more than enough wine!

  2. I’m with you.  Don’t get me wrong. Jesus is great.  But Christmas was the Church’s move to take over Yule and convert more heathen pagans to Christianity.  Most of the traditions — the birth of our god, the Yule log, etc — are pagan in origin.  Just read

  3. Yeah, I was using the term “season” loosely. . .as in “the Christmas season.”  
    “Jesus is the reason for the Christmas-celebrating time of year,” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 😉
    I’m guessing T.R. does NOT love the freezing temps and snow. . .in which case she should visit Georgia.  The high here yesterday was above 60, with sunshine. 🙂

  4. Jesus is the REASON for Quickly changing Halloween into Christmas and having it go on through the new year.  It’s like when my kids were little and they had multiple birthday parties with multiple family members on different days.  Longest birthday in the history of man kind.

  5. Usually my daughter celebrates the solstice with a party, but this year she wasn’t feeling too well.   Darn upper respiratory ailments.     
    Anyway, blessings on you, no matter how you celebrate.

  6. of course I got it right, being an atheist, and an all around smart guy (who is so humble it is just scary) I already knew that Jesus is not the reason for the season. The reason for the season has to do with cosmology, not to be be confused with cosmetology. An easy way to tell the difference is to look for split ends at the nape of the Earth. Okay, now I am just torturing you with ill-conceived puns. We should all buckle down and apply some serious mirth control before this all gets out of hand. Oh no, I’ve done it again.  

  7. I think that your average Christian would retort that Jesus created the earth and set it in motion around the sun, and as such is the reason for the season.  Of course, by that logic He’s the reason for every season so what’s the point?

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