Like many of the liberal persuasion, when GOP candidate Ron Paul appeared on my radar, I checked him out.  His anti-war stance (unique among his ilk) made him seem like something different.  Something potentially supportable, or at least stomachable.




Just a few minutes spent on his web site revealed his decidedly un-libertarian beliefs about reproductive freedom for women, as in, they shouldn’t have it.  Just that was enough to scratch him off of my list, so I didn’t bother looking any deeper.


The Daily Kos, on the other hand, looked into Paul’s record, transcripts, and the newsletters he sent to his supporters back in the 90’s.  Aside from only favoring the rights of people other than pregnant women, Paul’s history also reveals racism, gay-baiting, anti-Semitism, anti-environmentalism, and assorted right-wingery. 


Don’t cast a vote for Ron Paul just because Clinton/Obama/Edwards fall short of perfect.  He is not what his fervent supporters claim him to be.






  1. He is personally pro-life, but politically is in favor of letting states decide the issue, which is very much a libertarian stance. I do think it’s funny that so many liberals are interested in Ron Paul though. Don’t they realize libertarian beliefs are pretty far from liberal beliefs? One believes in a big, strong government, the other believes having a limited, small government. There’s a reason Ron Paul won’t win, even though I think he’s the closest to my political views. All the liberals will realize all the government programs he wants to cut and alot of the conservatives will balk at the amount of social freedom he wants the government to allow. Thus, he’s pretty unelectable, but great for preaching libertarian ideas while he has a podium to speak from. There’s a reason why libertarians and conservatives have more in common then liberals. I’d much rather support a true limited government conservative then a liberal candidate since under the liberal the role of the government is much larger (as well as a classically different approach to economics), while with the conservative I might not agree with how some of the social issues are decided, but in the long run these issues will be decided anyways- no matter if the pres is a republican or a democrat (women’s rights, civil rights, interracial marriages, etc.). Though with Bush and alot of the Republican candidates right now- they’re big government and more government in social issues- the double whammy. And they make me want to gag.

  2. I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul because of his issues.  I can’t stand the guy for the simple fact that I get one or two calls a DAY from him asking for support.  If they weren’t recordings, I’d yell at him.  I call it harrassment.

  3. Paul is a fringe candidate at best but bears watching.   There have been some pretty evil fringe people come to power through ignorance or just plain not voting.   Come to think of it, we’ve got an ignorant one right now until Jan 20, 2009.

  4. I would hate to have him as an OB-GYN or a president. A very insensitive man.   I’m a life long liberal and don’t see how having free public schools and  highways and protecting the environment is seen as Big Government.  It’s more like pooling resources.  If anything, liberals don’t tell people who they can marry not do they favor a religion or spy on people or consolidate the media.

  5. Okay I have a secret here.  Jennies boyfriend  not only likes Ron Paul, but REALLY likes Ron Paul.  There have been a few fights between the two love birds since she has arrived home.  One involved her saying He ( the boyfriend) was stupid and annoying.  She likes Obama ( which does not surprise anyone).  I would throw up the anti semetic stuff just to push her over the edge.  But I like the kid, and it will be their first time voting for a pres.  so I told her to agree to disagree and we would make fun of him behind his back.

  6. How can you be so shallow?  Obsessing about this stupid election when it was announced today that Paris Hilton isn’t getting nearly the inheritence she was expecting.  Her grandfather has decided to leave most of his billions to chairity.  Poor little Paris will probably only get millions.  How is she to survive?  What will become of her?  Will you please try to get your priorities straight?     GEEEZ!

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