The resident Pottermaniacs are having a party over here, along with two like-minded pals.  They tracked down some official Hogwarts recipes and we spent a few hours preparing and tasting.  Just for the record, pumpkin juice is revolting.  Butterbeer is slightly less revolting.   Licorice wands (black licorice dipped in white chocolate) are, well, licoricey.  The baked brie, on the other hand…delicioso.  I’m not sure what brie has to do with Hogwarts, but what’s to argue about?

We celebrated “New York New Years” at 9 pm, watching the green ball descend on CNN.  I thought perhaps the younger kiddos would want to go to bed after that (well, after Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone ended, anyway), but they insist they want to ring in the REAL New Year at midnight. 

Me, I have compiled no remembrances, no top-ten-anything lists, and no resolutions.  But I am heartily sick of 2007; it’s been a lackluster year.

I’m ready for you, 2008.  Come on, bring it.


10 thoughts on “HARRY NEW YEAR

  1. i got woken up by the people celebrating by blowing something up.  I really prefer to blow things up myself, but it’s hard when you’re not feeling well.
    Here’s to a better 08…

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