Dear Iowa,

You have GOT to be kidding.




16 thoughts on “KINGMAKERS

  1. Hillary actually came in behind Edwards, who nobody thinks has a chance.  Huckleberry Huckster is going to be our next prez. It’s doubtful that even Oprah can buy us out of  this.

  2. And I thought 8 years of Bush was bad.   Yikes.  I wonder if Hillary will accept a vice presidential spot on the ticket?  I think a black presidents would be great, but Obama doesn’t seem to have the depth I look for.

  3. We’ll have to agree to disagree.  I feel like dancing in the streets over Hilary losing to Obama.  I’m from upstate New York, originally, and people hate her there.

  4. I’m in Iowa.  I caucused for Obama.  Damn glad he took it. I think an Obama/Edwards ticket would be fabu!  Wish I was suprised by Huckabee, but I’m not.  Well, I was when I 1st heard it, but knowing small town conservatives, I’m not. 

  5. I think that Hillary peaked too early and instead of coming out swinging, ended running a calculated by-the-numbers primary campaign.  The fact that she looks like an android in her ads doesn’t help either.
    For the Dems, don’t underestimate the ambulance chaser. 

  6. We live in a strange, strange world.  At least Rudy sucked it up! Ha ha!  I must admit, I do have a hankering for Ron Paul.  I don’t remember reading what you said about him, but he’s been amazingly consistent and has a streak of brilliance that appeals to me.

  7. Obama has star power, but he is not presidential material. He doesn’t seem to have the balls (but Hillary might) it is going to take for a democratic president to stand up to the billionaires who will be sending money to the republicans to tear him down. That, and he has a lot of hopes and dreams, but nothing that will work as policies. Hope and dreams; those never work in washington dc. Obama is from my state, but I’d never vote for him. He isn’t presidential material. He needs more experience.Joe Biden has enough foreign policy experience to be a great president, but he is out now. Huckabee (that name sounds like something Dr. Suess invented) is a Baptist minister, and we all know the one thing wrong with Baptists is that they don’t hold them under water long enough. Huckabee would be worse as a leader of the free world than Shrub, if that is possible. Mitt is slimy, Edwards is creepy, Hillary is a lying whore for the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and the rest of the field on both sides just don’t have what it will take to turn America around. Dodd might have had a chance, but I know that the other side would bring up how his father had to resign in disgrace. I can’t see voting for any of them, and the ones I would vote for (Biden and Paul) will never get on the ticket. I wouldn’t worry about the Iowa primaries, Iowans are mostly a bunch of small town fundamentalist farmers types who always vote conservative and religious. Why do you think Iowa is a red state, anyway? I’m sure this will get me beat up by Iowans, but I’m used to it, as I am right on the border with that state. There are plenty of more important states to come.

  8. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who has the audacity to even run for president has to have meglomania and be rich.  Eenie-meenie-miney-mo, hold your nose, and vote.  But it has to be done.Still, what is up with everybody getting so all, “Dude, you lost Iowa, so give up?”  When did Iowa become California?  Nothing against Iowans – two of them flew all the way to New Jersey to cook my son and his friends a homemade Thanksgiving dinner because they couldn’t get home.That’s “good people.”  But for freaking out loud, let’s not make a November out of January.Americans do love extremes, though, and polarization is the way to get attention in this culture.I have to say, though, Mike Huckabee looks suspiciously like a guy I went to high school with whose father was a Holy Roller preacher and who (The guy, not the dad) told me he was worried about my soul because I was a ballet dancer.Hmmm…

  9. I’ve had the right to vote for almost 28 years… Never had the opportunity to vote for anyone who represents ME! *sigh*

  10. Huckabee no.  Oprabama, yes.  Iowa is not a red state.  Bush won last time by .1% and before that it was Gore, Clinton, Clinton.  Our “reds” are nuts and give us a bad reputation. Hillary is really having trouble getting her campaign off the ground and is playing too much defense.  People are right when they say it is just the beginning.  But I have to say Obama ran a brilliant campaign in Iowa and even his funny name couldn’t bring him down.  My friend who is from Illinois and works for the EPA says we couldn’t go wrong with him or Hillary. 

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