The problem with rabbits is they’re not very funny, unless you count Bugs, but he’s just a toon.  Real rabbits are much like human infants in that they excel at eating and pooping but don’t have many other skills.  And unlike babies, they lack the potential to eventually stand blankly in front of the open refrigerator, whine, or melt their brains with videogames.  So rabbits do have some advantages.


My own bunny spends his free (out of cage) time in three primary pursuits:

  • Begging for snacks, preferably in the form of corn chips.  When Technogeek and I collapse on the couch for an evening of obscure rented TV shows, tea, and chips ‘n salsa, we are the bunny’s best friends.  He nudges our feet and puts his front paws up on the sofa, nose wiggling with hummingbird intensity, and says “What’s up, Doc?” 
  • Hopping laps around the living room as if it were a NASCAR track for critters.  The cat stands on the coffee table looking down with trepidation or perhaps disdain.  He doesn’t like to work that hard.
  • Gleefully chewing on stuff until he gets caught and shooed away.  For this reason TGeek says he’s “evil,” but it’s just rabbit nature.  (A bunny’s gotta chew what a bunny’s gotta chew.) Calling him evil is like calling a tiger evil for hunting down a…oh, never mind.


So there’s nothing to say about the bunny.  I’ll just have to write about my kids.  Hang on, I’ll be back to tell you about them right after I put some more hay in their cages.




8 thoughts on “GOING TO ALBAKOIKIE

  1. Good!  Your very best stuff always seems to be about the kids.  Even the Scary Clown can’t compete with them in the warm and fuzzy department.
      I remember that Erma Bombeck’s best stories had to do with her children.  Years later, when the kids had long since grown up and gone (they do that, you know), she tried inventing another kid, just to have one to write about.  It didn’t work very well.  It wasn’t real, and as good as she was, she couldn’t make it work.
    So while the kids are still really kids, GO FOR IT!!

  2. Great Hilary Clinton post – I think she definitely gets the shit end of the stick because she is female.  When people hated her when she was the First Lady it was because she GOT INVOLVED and tried to change things for the better, instead of staying a quiet little stepford wife.  I am more creeped out by the stepford wife, that’s for sure.I would love to have her as president because, let’s face it, it’s about time.One post ago – I am not help to you. I lack both ideas and valium.I just cannot imagine actually having a rabbit as a pet.  I wish I could see it so I could expand my admittedly narrow horizons!  I bet the bunny is awfully cute!  And maybe that hay thing is my answer to potty training!

  3. My dad used to live in a house with a rabbit. One day they discovered that it had made a nest in the middle of a set of encyclopedia. Never figured out where the rabbit had put the removed book material lol.  

  4. the difference between kids and dogs is this: If you tie your dog up in the back yard no one cares, tie your kid in the back yard, and the neighbors call the police. Which is stupid, any idiot can see the boy has shade and water. 

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