I picked up a novel at the library today—a stunning novel of epic proportions, if the dust jacket is to be believed—and now find I’m reluctant to open it.  I recently read another book by this author (The Way the Crow Flies), and got thoroughly caught up.  I stayed up too late reading many nights.  The characters invaded my thoughts.  The historical background information (Cold War era) challenged my assumptions. 


Why would I want to do that again?  Holding this book unopened on my lap is like hovering over a precipice.  Also, the Oprah’s Book Club label puts me off.  Damn you, Oprah, keep your opinions to yourself.  About books and other matters, if you know what I mean.


Something I learned today: a turkey breast in the crock pot all day = birdus overcookedus.  Sorry you had to eat it anyway, kids.  Just wait ‘til tomorrow when you get Overcooked Turkey Hash.



Blogging it forward: 


Friend of Transvestite Rabbit (FOTR) Gungaboy has a truly touching post about his very cool grandma.  Check it.


Xangan Leonidas has returned from a long absence, a shadow of his former self.  All successful programs boil down to eat-less-and-exercise-more, but you should read his, because you just can’t argue with 120 pounds.









  1. i’m thrilled for leonidas- now if only some of his determination rubs off on me. i can’t read oprah books either- they seriously depress me, but it doesn’t mean that someday i wouldn’t love to have her recommendation on one of mine! 🙂 i haven’t blogged forward in forever!!! i need to do that! thanks for the reminder!

  2. I feel the exact same way about Oprah and her book club. The worst book I have ever read was an Oprah Book Club book.  Yuck,I wonder if I will be that immersed in planet boy in a few years… Glad to hear you and your daughter survived!

  3. RYC:  I disagree.  Day to day research in Hahn’s lab is dissecting fish and chemical analysis, exactly the same thing that Abraham did as a graduate student.  The only time evolution comes into play in Hahn’s work is in the interpretation of results for scholarly journals, and in fewer than a third of his published papers.  Unless Abraham’s some sort of die hard idealog, he probably could have done 90% of the work expected of him and politely ducked away from preparing publications for evolutionary journals.  Hahn, on the other hand, saw Abraham’s potential contributions as 7-10% of the work for which he was hired.  It’s hard to tell from the available information which is closer to the truth. 

  4. Anything endorsed by Oprah automatically makes me want to shudder…  I don’t know if I could force myself to read the best book in the world if it had her endorsement (I’d feel so… labeled…).  LOL.  I guess I’m an Oprah-snob (or anti-Oprah-snob?).
    And I discovered that exact same thing about turkey breast… The thing that sucks is that all the recipes say cook 7-8 hours on low and the time between leaving for work and getting home from work is closer to 10 hours for me.  Let me know if you find a way to overcome this. (Wonder if leaving it partially frozen would work? Cuz, you know, it’s not like I ever manage to cook my raw meat BEFORE I have to freeze it)

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