Alas, the Democratic party doesn’t love Florida, having stripped the state of its delegates for the sin of moving their primary to a pre-Super-Tuesday date.  Too bad, because HC really could’ve used the delegates she would have gained by taking more votes than all the other democratic candidates combined.

I think the media has underplayed the role of generational politics in this race.  Boomer Clinton plays very well with older voters, while Almost-Gen-X Obama pulls in youngsters.  That dynamic has been consistent across states, while other factors have been variable. 

Statistically, olders are far more likely to drag their butts to the polls than the 18-24 year old set (BO’s strongest contingent), and there are more of them to begin with.  Polls across the country are mostly running in HC’s favor. 

This has been Transvestite Rabbit crowing reporting.


I’ve never been a fan of John Edwards as a presidential candidate, but by all accounts he’s a decent guy.  He dropped out of the race today and will presumably now spend a lot more time with his cancer-stricken wife.  I wish them the best.



  1. Part of the reason she won by such a large margin is that she was the only candidate to campaign for the state, because she wants the DNC to turn around and give her the delegates after the fact.Mmm, smells like dirty politics to me!But I really don’t see a difference between Obama and Clinton.

  2. THe DNC should have done a better job with Florida and Michigan.  If Hillary wins there because of name recognition and then pulls a fast one and turns it into votes for her I will really dislike her.  But not enough to vote for Prez Warmonger Mc Cain.

  3. I am the mother of two people of voting age who both report that they will be voting for Barak Obama.So will I. That said I   was frankly puzzled about why the DNC  punished Florida..The average Democrat in the state had nothing to do with when the primary was held and it was they , not the party leaders who were  disenfranchised. It seems a blatantly stupid move too since it played into Hillary’s hands I wonder did she have anything to do with the vote to punish Florida.Just who did decide that?She is a lawyer who thinks like a lawyer and will   use this to distract voters from other conversations that are more critical to all of us..Obama meanwhile could have stood up for the voting rights of people he knew might not vote for him ,and who knows if he had campaigned there they might have done better then he expected..I do see why  the DNC wanted to do something about the way the states were all jostling to have lots of influence in the primaries,which highlights the issue of how the rights of individual voters are being held hostage to complex electoral processes.Why  can’t we have a national primary  based on popular vote count ,and again a national election based on the winner with the most votes  being elected.?The system as it is is designed  nullifies my vote since I live in a red state. dern.

  4. the kiddies think that real life should be like T-Ball, where you get a trophy just for making the team, regardless of winning or losing…so many lessons yet to be learned…

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