Here’s a column by Nicholas Kristof that demonstrates that I’m not just a paranoid freak.  Or if I am, I am not the only one.

And another tidbit: I’ve lost several pounds on the stress-and-anxiety diet in the last few days.  It works like this: You inform your family that a major change is on the horizon.  They are not happy about it.  You are not happy about it.  You fret and worry about it so much you can’t eat much, and you spend much of the night burning calories by tossing and turning vigorously instead of sleeping.  Voila!  The fat melts away.

I’m considering writing a book about this weight loss scheme.  I would include a lengthy list of suggested family upheavals to get the reader started.  I’ll make a mint.



  1. yes, I thought that was an interesting article – and a theory (that democracy + patriarchy = distinct disadvantages for women in terms of political power) that some scholars have explored in different contexts.   A friend of mine wrote a book that had a chapter entitled “Can a dream vote?” and her argument was that in post-Revolutionary France women actually had FEWER opportunities for political participation, including voting and leadership positions, than before the Revolution because in the 19th c. women became so idealized as mothers, wives, etc.  In other words, their private role completely obliterated the idea of seeing them as political beings…  Same in U.S. context with “republican motherhood” and helps explain LONG gap between the Revolution/Constitution (1790s) and women actually gaining the vote (1920) and then a female president (oops!  I guess I’ll have to get back to you on this one – 200 years and counting!!  😉 

  2. Love that last comment by ablogwalksintoabar.You really may have something there.  I lost thirty pounds after my dad died.  Grieved four years.  Then it came back.  The weight; not the grief. I’d rather have the weight.

  3. I lost pounds and inches while going through my divorce (and so did he).  I would’ve liked a healthier way to shed all that, but eh, I was losing without too much active thought (or apparent active eating, either).

  4. I think the country is more ready for a black president than a woman president, particularly a Hillary.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about either one of them, but I suppose I’ll have plenty of opportunities to decide as they both descend on Ohio. 
    I endorse the stress/anxiety diet, and would happily help you write your new diet book.  Three weeks ago I quit my job and started my own law firm.  I’ve lost 10 pounds, and counting. . .  What major change is on YOUR horizon? 

  5. Ugh, not a good diet plan.  Papa Bear has done the stress diet before.
    Hope everything gets worked out T.R. . .and that you start getting some good rest immediately.  The whole world looks different to me (and far more overwhelming), when I’m exhausted.

  6. I get the general gist of the Kristof article, but I’m not happy with the way he starts it off.
    While no woman has been president of the United States — yet — the world does have several thousand years’ worth of experience with female leaders. And I have to acknowledge it: Their historical record puts men’s to shame.
    Really?  Put’s men’s to shame?  This followed by essentialist diatribe about “women are better at consensus building blah blah blah blah”.  Isn’t this the sort of patronizing stuff we’re trying to get away from? 
    The real meat of the article is the discussion of the Goldberg paradigm, a problem which applies to women as well as most non-white minorities.  (In college I read a similar study where a paper by “Mike Johnson” was valued more highly than one by “Tyrone Washington”)  Revealing and disturbing. 

  7. Well, I was rooting for the twice-divorced mayor who has follicle-issues, and he is out of it since Florida. I would like to see a woman president in my lifetime, but right now I am leaning towards McCain. I figure as long as Huckabee stays far away from the White House, I can find things I like about all the other remaining candidates. Lisa

  8. I wrote a blog a couple years ago about the stress diet, so watch out for me suing you for plagerisum. WTF I can’t spell.  Anyway, we’ll be like the seinfeld wife and that other author who wrote the book about sneaking healthy foods in your kids diet.  Heres why my book will be better though.  Only Major stress induces weight loss, semi major stress induces eating.  Just so your clear.  @Bad_Dogma –  Yeah it is, hummmm

  9. Ooh, yeah! The stress/rum & diet Coke diet! Nothing takes the weight off faster. Nothing!  Unfortunately, you won’t find it in Women’s World, or whatever that magazine is that has a different damn diet every damn week. (Why, yes, I did study psychology/sociology, why do you ask?)

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