Saturday at the Rabbit house started at 6:30 am.  Well, not for me.  Tigger had a date to go skiing with a friend’s family and had to be delivered to their home at 7:30.  In the morning.  I know…crazy.  Since Technogeek is wholly responsible for Tigger’s penchant for skiing (a thing I do not do—cold, snow, going up very high, falling down—what’s to like?), it fell to him to get up and provide transport.  Me, I slept until Little Bit climbed into bed with me at 9. 


“Mom, can I read out loud to you?” she said.

“Mmfgh,” I replied.


She’s participating in the school’s Patch Club, in which children get patches for reading six books in a genre.  Little Bit’s working on her eighth patch.  This morning I took her to the library to pick out six biographies.  If you’ve been here before you will not be surprised to hear that I made sure she got three bios of women to go with Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, and Christopher Columbus. 


She started with Grandma Moses and declared her a very fine painter.  LB was most impressed by her longevity—over 100 years old when she died.


Next up was Amelia Earhart.  LB hasn’t finished the book and so doesn’t yet know of Amelia’s tragic disappearance. 


In between furious bouts of reading, Little Bit (age 7) engaged in amazing feats of mental math.


“Mom, I know what 4,096 + 4,096 is.”




“8,192!”  She’d clearly memorized that one.


“Ok, what’s 8,192 + 8,192?”


She thought hard.  “16,284.”


“Hmm, I think it’s actually 16,384.”


She agreed that I was right and went on to 16,384 x 2.  “32,768!”


Yes, I AM bragging shamelessly.  You wanna make something of it?


Tigger came home late this evening and found a package waiting for her.  Her Best Friend Forever, Lulu, moved to California last year.  The two girls now send a shoe box back and forth across state lines.  It contains a diary and a photo album that they both keep adding to.  They also fill it with little gifts.  Tigger sent a couple of books and some valentine candy last time.  Today she got some toys, a tiny stapler, a bottle of peach body spray, and assorted what-all else. 


How sweet is that?  I love how they maintain their connection.  Heck, I may send a care package to an old friend in another state.  mkr_ohio, what would you like? 


Perhaps you are wondering what I accomplished today?  Mmfgh.  Ask me tomorrow.





  1. You accomplished a very uplifting post, points for that! I always liked doing mental math with the kids. It get harder as you go, but the reward is breaking them loose from the calculator dependency. Also the “answer is on a screen so it must be right” mindset.             The shoebox thing is pretty special too. Good way to stay friends.

  2. Who was the third woman to make Little Bit’s bio trillogy?   To answer Venice;  Little Bit is 7, going on 7 and a half.  Tigger is 10, going on 30!  They are the cutest kids in the world, and that’s actual fact, not just prejudice.

  3. I’m totally on board with the shameless, math bragging. . .since I did a lot of the same about Caleb last year.
    Tigger’s correspondence is very cute.  I have a dear friend that I’ve literally known since we were babies, and being pen pals through our adolescent years really cemented our friendship.

  4. Your kids sound very sweet, and pretty smart, too.  Nice job, TR.  Bean is terrible at math, just like his mom, but he rocks at geography. 
    I love the shoe box idea, although I don’t know how well a box of Rainier cherries would travel.  I have a friend in Chicago with whom I’ve been corresponding since I was 11 years old.  We can go a year with no communication, but then start again where we left off, as if no time at all had passed.  And then there is you, too – how long did we go with no contact?  🙂  I love hearing about your life through this blog. 

  5. What impressive math skills!  I tend to default to a calculator today, which actually makes me a little angry with my mental laziness.  How on earth am I supposed to retain some semblance of mental acuity if I don’t even TRY???  Maybe I’ll hide the calculator. Or give it to Eowyn, as her drool and/or dropping of items of that sort tends to render them inoperable.I love the shoe box idea. LOVE IT!  I should do that with my sister – I think we’d have a lot of fun!

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