It seems I know some talented people.  My old pal Roxanne, for example, now has a web site to showcase her art.  We went to a crunchy alternative high school together… the kind they had in the 70’s, before “alternative” meant “school for juvenile delinquents who would otherwise be stealing cars from 9 to 3.” 

And my 1st grader has written a poem of sweeping grandeur:


Oh so tasty
With a warm cheesy filling
Smells so wonderful
Just baking in the pan
The soft, smooth, feel of the piece
The boiling sound it makes on the stove
The sight, the cheesy, beautiful sight
Makes me tempted silly
What a nice piece of,


I’ll get some of Tig’s writing up here soon.  She has quite the flair of her own.


13 thoughts on “TR: ARTS EDITION

  1. That is a wonderful piece of poetry.  Makes me hungry for some nicely baked cheese ravioli in a pan with some meat sauce, and golden brown mozzarella on the top.While wearing my SG socks I am able to repel all negative energy. πŸ™‚

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