If you were, in a newsletter, offering thanks to multiple people/companies/foundations for helping you out, would you title that document

Thank Yous


Thank You’s


Clearly, there is no technical need for an apostrophe, since the word is a plural and not a contraction or a possessive.  But everyone I’ve asked thinks that “yous” looks weird and that it should be “you’s,” by convention. 




  1. These days you can get away with capping for emphasis, at least I stoop to it, so I would use Thank YOUs.  It’s fun, it’s clear.  There’s no way you can use the apostrophe but I agree it looks weird the other way.

  2. One of my pet peeves is putting apostrophes where they don’t belong, and I think “Thank yous” does look like a typo.  Don’t say either one – other commenters have provided marvelous suggestions.

  3. As ex-New Yorker I’ve always spelled it youse. Youse guys are the best. Sadly that old NY accent is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Youse was always a Brooklyn accent. NY is an easy accent, you just add an “r” to every word. warrter is water. In a formal letter of thanks; I would like to thank everyone. I would like to express my appreciation to… I’d skip both Y’all and youse. Both are used in more informal speach.

  4. Hmmmm, I wonder what the correct thing in stuff like this is all the time.  The only thing that I have routinely found to be true is that the only time anyone will notice it, is if it irritates them.  Stick to convention, and let the chips fall.  I do prefer ‘Thank You’ Or something more descriptive.  ‘Tahnk’s for your support”.  Have fun!
    And for no reason at all here’s a mini.   These things are really annoying…

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