The Speech, for those of you who missed it:

  • Angry black people have legitimate gripes
  • Angry white people have legitimate gripes
  • Things have gotten a lot better, but not perfect
  • Can’t we all just get along?


Well, he said it better and at much greater length, but that’s the gist.  It was an eloquent speech, as always, but I didn’t see anything brave or even unusual about it.  Who would argue against everybody working together to make the world a better place for all of our children?  Not even Republicans would.


As for the Reverend Wright, his anti-whatever bluster doesn’t disturb me.  He’s a preacher.  You don’t go to church to hear calmly stated facts and carefully delineated policy points.  You go to Hillary Clinton for that. 


It does bother me that Obama is apparently extremely religious.  I don’t trust religious politicians.  Religion clouds judgment.  George Bush is extremely religious and look what it’s done for him.  Yeah, I know Clinton is religious too, on the campaign trail anyway, but Methodists keep it to themselves.


It especially bothers me that candidates HAVE to be Christian.  We’re all gung ho about pouncing on any sign of racial bias, but not one word about religious bias, ever.  My daughter is watching the race closely to see if it really is possible for a woman to become President, or even win a major party nomination (apparently not), but I haven’t told her yet that she’ll have to convert before she can think about running.


And now that I’ve offended nearly everyone, Adieu.    



18 thoughts on “OBAMARAMA

  1. I’m not offended by your blog.    I am offended by the pastor of Obama’s church, however.  He talks like a communist.  He’s preaching hatred.  For Obama to claim that he repudiates everything the preacher says is ridiculous.  He’s been going to the same church for 20 years!  If you don’t agree with the preacher’s views, why would you keep on going?  It’s not like Chicago doesn’t have any other churches. 

  2. Meh. I think that in EVERY church, there’s a leader that’s saying/doing something that they have no business saying. It is how it is. Is it possible to have religion without pissing off/stepping on someone’s toes? Sure, if you pick and choose–I can choose the good parts of this and that religion, but ignore the homophobia, sexism, racism, etc., that can be gleaned from a majority of the teachings.
    It almost bothers me that every candidate has to be religious.  I say almost, because they’re all such a bunch of damn hypocrites that I just sit back and laugh when they say they’re religious. Liars!

  3. Isn’t a secretly religious candidate more dangerous than an openly religious one?  Who knows what kind of crazy they could be hiding under those carefully delineated policy points?  Though I guess in many cases the policy points demonstrate both the religion and the crazy, so never mind.
    We’re all gung ho about pouncing on any sign of racial bias, but not one word about religious bias, ever.
    Dude, did you miss Mitt Romney’s whole candidacy?  Whine, whine, whine.  (Not so much from him as from his supporters.)  I think a Jew would have fared at least as well as he did.  Better, probably, if hypothetical Jew had a personality. 
    I have no feelings about Obama’s speech. 

  4. I meant to say “no strong feelings.”  I wouldn’t want you to think I was a soulless automaton, like some Mormon politicians I could mention.  Sorry, it’s just so easy.  I miss Mitt.

  5. Great comments.  Hey, Falwell and all the zealots on the religious right ran wild in society for how many years and GW catered to them and got away with it?  In the end, I doubt much of anyone cares after election day.  On Sunday morning, the President yawns, stretches and says, “We’re at war.  Let’s have grapefruit and toast and go to church.”

  6. One thing about you is that you tell it like it is and leave us with no doubt about how you feel.   I like that!     Personally, I am so tired of all of the lies and double talk.    One thing that all of the candidates have in common is hypocrisy.   The old joke about knowing when a lawyer is lying, when he lips are moving goes double for politicians.   Who commitied adultry, or smoked pot, or dabbled in other illegal dealings is not the thing we should be concentrating on.   We want someone who cares more about the country than money, or self interests.    I really don’t know that any of the candidates have that.
    I am ready to start electing our leaders by the popular vote of the people and forget caucus votes, super candidates and all of that.   Who thought that up anyway?     And how can we be sure that our votes are counted fairly?   We can’t.   It’s the biggest mess I have ever seen.   
    I voted for Hillary in our primary, but didn’t attend our caucus, which I understand was almost pandemonium.

  7. Very good point.  The only ‘out’ secular politician is Pete Stark (D-CA), as far as I know.  By society’s reckoning, it’s worse to be an atheist than to be a woman, a black, a Jew, an immigrant, fat, bald, ugly, or any other discounted group.  It’s crazy that they have to prove they are ‘religious’ in order to be considered.  There’s not supposed to be a ‘religious test’ for holding public office, but apparently they’ve made one.

  8. Tigger won’t have to convert in any respect not to be a white male Christian president.   Well, maybe not her but Little Bit won’t for sure.  Obama is a silver tongued orator….I hate silver tongued orators.  Go Hillary! 

  9. Stirring up anger & hatred should bother everyone. Anyone that does that has no business calling themselves reverand.  I felt Obama’s speech was smooth & slick, but I tend to think he’s a little to smooth & slick for his own good.

  10. I totally agree with you that being religious  ,and specifically being Christian seems to be a  expected from all viable candidates ,and that it should not be. That assumes that being non Christian ,or (gasp) non affiliated somehow leaves one without a moral compass which I find patently offensive.In thinking on it religious affiliation in no way makes  one morally superior.I like Obama and  would like to see him as President.I don’t see his religion being an issue since I think he understands that he would be representing all of us and be working with people  world wide of many different faiths It is interesting how  different people see different things in candidates According to the demographics I am supposed to be a Clinton fan and I am not at all. I  wonder what drives our perceptions. I know we can’t all be right and that most of us who feel strongly committed to a candidate are pretty confident. that we are.I am wondering if we are more likely to be right about why we like a candidate ,or why we don’t.?I don’t think any of them can really completely pass the BS test so it comes down to who is the least likely to make us feel stupid later on down the road.I hate being cynical but thats what an election year on the heels of George Bush does  to a person 

  11. I try to pretend the candidates aren’t religious when I evaluate them.  The religion thing messes me up.  I remember when I was a kid, though, my parents telling me how JFK was the first Catholic President and what a big freaking deal it was and how being Catholic was a real hinderance to his candidacy, in the beginning.  And I was all, “uh, but don’t Catholics believe in Jesus too?  And what about Jewish people?  Why would they care that JFK was Catholic??”  It just goes to show how, even at 7 or 8, I had already internalized the idea that all Presidents must be Christian.  I think anyone who can keep their religion to themselves is a good potential candidate.

  12. “calmly stated facts and carefully delineated policy points”  That’s funny! From Hillary especially, because every time she  wraps up a rallly with that shrieking  high pitched tone, I just want to drive the car off the cliff, if only to make her stop. That voice reminds every male in America of some really bad associations he has had with some woman in his life. I guarantee it.

  13. I do not personally care what a politician’s religious belief system is, as long as ritual human sacrifice is not involved. That said, I want to ditto Rockinbear05, as I do believe Wright is preaching hate, and hate DOES bother me. In fact, it bothers me more when someone wraps themselves in the gospel and preaches hate. Lisa

  14. I liked that pastor and agree that if people want to go to church to be patted on the back they can go to a mega church. He is being more provacative than hateful.  It’s just as bad to drop bombs and pretend as if we didn’t do anything.   My daughter likes Clinton and her detailed plans but most people are not as intelligent as she is.  

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