As I mentioned, my dear husband went to Texas on business last week.  He worked hard every day, attending those meetings, soaking up knowledge, shopping at the flagship Whole Foods store, and partying in Austin blues clubs without me.  I stayed home, alone with the kids.


Well, a week is a long time.  Six cold, lonely nights.  Kids asleep.  What’s a girl to do?


I watched Netflix discs without him.  Yes I did.  And not chick flicks he wouldn’t want to watch anyway.  No Traveling Pants.  No Ya Ya Sisters.  I watched the first five episodes of the BBC miniseries production of Bleak House. 


Don’t judge me.


I was just going to peek.  Maybe watch the beginning to see if it looked good.  But I couldn’t stop.  Those adorable teenaged cousins with their Great Expectations!  The rich, kindly guardian with uncertain motives!  The gleefully malevolent lawyer!  The pretty young woman of unknown parentage!  The law clerk who loves and stalks her!  The scribe who died under mysterious circumstances, the one with the landlord who knows more than he’s telling!  The aristocratic Lady with the dreadful secret, and the servant she mistreated! 


Oh, it’s all so delicious.  Nobody does 19th century soap like Dickens!


When Technogeek found out, he looked at me so very reproachfully. 


And now, Disc 2 has arrived in the mail.  I’ll be watching the next episode tonight.  I hope he forgives me. 




14 thoughts on “TR GETS BUSTED

  1. All your father ever watches is “24” and the “Sopranos”.  Everything I like (mysteries from England))  has a waiting list a mile long.   So lately it’s been one episode of the Sopranos after another.  UGH! 

  2. I have not seen this!!!!  I must add it to the queue.  I’ve been known to secretly watch Sopranos or Weeds or other programs, and then pretend I haven’t seen them.  He always busts me, though.

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