The other day an old friend from college tried to track me down on LinkedIn.  She didn’t find me (because I wasn’t there) but she found my husband.  Clearly it is time for me to get Linked.


The site is kind of a staid Facebook for grownups.  It seems many people use it to keep track of their associates and suss out their job-hopping intentions.  While social networking sites have “friends*,” in which total strangers ask to be linked to you for no apparent reason, LinkedIn has “contacts,” in which people you actually know are linked to you for business networking purposes. 


I created a somewhat skeletal account (haven’t filled in my whole resume yet) and went looking for “contacts.”  So far I have two.  I feel like a bit of a networking wallflower.  My own husband hasn’t even accepted my request to be one of his contacts, though presumably he will when he gets around to it, unless he’s still mad about the Netflix cheating. 


It’s not clear what, if any advantage I will gain from my LinkedIn presence.  Anybody ever score a job/gig/valuable contact off of it?



*Note to anyone here who invited me to be “friends” and got no response: no offense.  After acquiring a list of “friends” I didn’t actually know, I decided to ignore all the xanga wangdoodles because I just don’t see the point. 


14 thoughts on “LINK ME IN, BABY

  1. Hmm…everytime I think I’m all that with my bran’ spankin’ new xanga or myspace, they come up with facebook or link’d in.  I think I’ll stick where I’m at.  Not much chance for job hopping when your fulltime career is raising chillens.

  2. I’ve actually gotten some pretty interesting connections via LinkedIn, but never a job or job offer.  If you ever need connections with an officer at a Finnish investment firm I can hook you up . . .

  3. I’ve had multiple phone calls about jobs from people who found me via LinkedIn. Might depend on your industry as to how useful it is. The high tech world is pretty plugged into it.

  4. Huh. That’s interesting–networking via computer. Not sure what kind of job I’d actually get (besides working for a Finnish investment firm…or for one of those African kings that got kicked out of the country with $15 million that he doesn’t know what to do with…)
    I’m fairly young, but I just don’t know about the whole cyber-job-looking deal, but what the hey–I’ll try it out.

  5. I get invites from friends all the flippin’ time for new sites, but come on!!  I love Xanga…been here going on five years…and I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with my MySpace!  No more for me!!

  6. I haven’t gotten a job from linked in (haven’t tried though). But I find that it’s a good way to keep a slight connection to bigwigs from previous jobs. I figure someday I be able to email one of them and ask them for a reference if I need to. Whereas if I wasn’t touching base with them on there I would never still keep in touch with them.

  7. My dotter is on facebook and invited me to go there too.   I see now it is mostly for the younger set, but still she and I play Scrabulous there and I play with some of her friends too.  
    I totally agree with Xanga’s “improvements” although I researched the term “wangdoodle” and found it refers to a sexual toy, or a man who is well endowed.    So far, I haven’t seen anything like that on Xanga.    Did I miss something interesting?    LOL

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