Relax, peeps (there I go again).  Do y’all suspect that JFK was killed by the CIA too?  Rest assured, no gag order has been placed on me.  There’s been no intervention by People in Authority.  I just decided to take down some material I felt uncomfortable about having posted.  No intrigue here.

Speaking of Government Conspiracies, how come the government suddenly got all excited about those Mormon polygamists?  The activities of that sect have been widely known for decades.  Why is 2008 the year to rescue the children?  And could our friendly federal agents perhaps have found a more elegant way to go about it?  Can you say “Waco?”



  1. Now it comes out that the government even had defense contracts with the polygamists. I think that maybe Bobbie was killed by the CIA as well.  But thank goodness now we just pay the media to character assassinate people. 

  2. Oh my.  I can’t stop laughing.  Defense contracts with the polygamists!!!  Brilliant.  I’ve been so wrapped up in my government-conspiracy, industrial-military food complex over the past five or six days that I thought you were talking about me, at first.  Self-absorbed, much?  hahahahahahahahahahaha.  I missed the sensitive material, I guess.  Or I’ve already forgotten it because I’m feeling just THAT LOUSY off my thyroid meds.  P.S.  my unsolicited view on polygamy:  I’d feel so much better about it if the women had cute hair cuts and wore regular clothes.  Then it would just seem…alternative…instead of repressive and creepy.

  3. Apparently, the state has been looking for a way to bust in on the FLDS for a while.  An anonymous phone call… supposedly from a 16 year old girl… just gave them the excuse they were looking for.

  4. Your brother stole my comment. But although I think they are a few generations late, I am glad someone is still trying to protect those children. And I’m not sure there is an elegant way to do it, with the community there being so secretive and convoluted and incestuously complicated. If I understood the news correctly, they’re not even close to being sure which children are from which biological parents. The mini-interviews with the women, in which they seem incapable of understanding any questions from the reporters, and just keep saying “we want our children back” as the answer to anything they’re asked- it just makes me shake my head- they sound PROGRAMMED. Sigh….Lisa

  5. @S__Diddy - Yes, I was pleased to see in my part of the world they made a point of saying these people aren’t part of the regular mormon church and the mormon church disavowed these kinds of…activities…proclivities…whatever…long ago.  I was pleased to see it because I enjoy your wife’s posts so much I can’t bear for people to suggest all mormons are like this!  After all, in my head, mad is a giant, talking giraffe.  Nothing weird or creepy about that. 

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