• Barack Obama, after winning the North Carolina primary with (as usual) over 90% of the black vote, while Clinton took (as usual) 60% of the white vote, declared it a “victory over the politics of division.”
  • Hillary Clinton appears to believe she can win the nomination.
  • The Obamass-kissing punditocracy is again sounding the funeral dirge for Clinton, a proven strategy for galvanizing her supporters, increasing her poll numbers, and bringing in campaign donations.
  • Meanwhile, John McCain pandered to the right by promising to follow George W’s lead in appointing rabid right-wing, Roe-v-Wade-overturning justices to the Supreme Court, thereby instantly losing millions of Clinton supporters who were going to vote for him just to spite Obama.  Way to do your part for Democratic Party unity, John!
  • That Austrian guy who locked his daughter in the basement and raped her for 24 years says the media coverage of his case has been unfairly one-sided, and also he’s “not a monster” because after all, he could’ve killed her and the seven children he impregnated her with.  I’m going to have to disagree with him, I think.
  • The number of agents who have offered to represent my work currently = 0.  Nevertheless, much like Rupert (from Survivor a few seasons ago) and HRC herself, I never give up, I never give in, I never back down.  I WILL find a publisher.


12 thoughts on “INEXPLICABLE NEWS

  1. The coming election is a lose lose lose proposition.  How many times can Hillary do Saturday Night Live and Letterman before she finally throws in the towel?  How many times can Barack tell us that he sat in church for 20 years and never heard a word the pastor said?  How many times can we watch McCain Kiss up to Bush before we toss our cookies?   I hate them all!!  Make them go away!

  2. I agree with Rockinbear05.I am SICK of politicians.  I think it’s just like Galinda said in the Broadway show “Wicked:”  They’re not smarter or more caring, they’re just popular. And why,I cannot imagine.Perhaps national politics is getting as insidious as Alabama politics.  Only the extremely rich, meglomaniacal, and those with a legacy will enter.  And no wonder.  What idiot wants to follow the Wallaces and the Folsoms?

  3. Don’t think of your book as unpublished.  Think of it as prepublished.  Because you are going to find the right publisher, and when you do, in an instant, everything changes.  Keep sending out those queries. 

  4. I gave up but I am rooting for you to succeed. I’m certain that you probably know that many of the major publishers, Random House, Doubleday etc have all gobbled up small independents as subsidies. If you go to almost any major publishers website they have links to these sites as well as to their own. There are still a small number that will look at an unagented submission. You’d have to read through each companies guidelines to find out but it would not be a waste of your time.bill

  5. Wow, life sounds so good from that perspective… (-:I have some friends whose (is that the right whose? I only have enough of an idea to be uncertain about it…) son has had a guinea pig for at least 3 years now. It’s a really nice guinea pig and seems to be a good in-the-kid’s-bedroom pet – maybe try that???  I really wish I could see your rabbit in your living room. After all this time I still can’t quite get it in my head that a rabbit can be a pet that can wander the house!

  6. The best part is that Clinton’s narrow victory in Indiana may have been due to Republican crossovers who were just trying to prolong the Democrats’ civil war.  And what’s the deal with the superdelegates?  They’re supposedly the select few who will pick a candidate pragmatically in the best interests of the party, but instead they’re coming off as human weathervanes… just waiting to see which way the wind blows.

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