I know some of y’all maintain blogs on multiple sites, so I’m hoping someone can save me some legwork.  Here’s the issue:

I want to start a blog for the nonprofit agency I work for.  Having a web wiz add that function to our web site is cost-prohibitive right now.  So I’m considering setting up shop on wordpress or someplace similar (someplace not too social-networky) and linking it to and from the agency web site.  That’s easy enough, and cheap.

BUT, I told my boss we would be able to delete any comments we didn’t like, and she said no, we need to able to prescreen comments before they get posted. 

So, people, from your travels in the blogosphere, is there anyplace that would give me that power?

Much obliged to you for sharing your expertise!


14 thoughts on “WHERE TO BLOG

  1. MySpace does.  You can preapprove just about everything there.  I know that ElsaElsa.com was moderated for the longest time, but I can’t remember who hosts that site.

  2. Check with Technogeek .   There’s got to be a way to twaddle the franistan and interface the connectivity with the blogatron to screen stuff out.  Isn’t that kinda like censorship tho?

  3. What madhousewife said.  Depending on who’s hosting the web site now, they may have WordPress set up to be installed very easily. GoDaddy makes it very easy, for example. Push a button. WordPress is installed. Download free themes, upload them to your web site folder and voila, you have new themes. You can set comment moderation on and/or let previously approved commenters comment freely. 

  4. wordpress, definitelyIf you decide to eventually host your own wordpress blog on your own server, you’ll be ahead of the game by already knowing the interface, toowordpress.com (free blog site, just create an account)

  5.  I have a web site on bluehost with a blog feature by wordpress and every post is screened.  Good thing too because all of that talk about enlargement would not be welcome. 

  6. I have a myspace……and it allows you to do that….also allowsyou several different privacy settings.  Myspace has gotten a badrap but it does have some cool features.

  7. Yes, MySpace does allow it, but MySpace is waaaaay too social networky, I would think (I have a MySpace just to keep up with certain friends and between the teenybopper spam and everpresent ads it drives me nuts).  I’d go with WordPress – much more professional.

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