Thanks for all the good wishes, friends.  Prairiecowboy asked if vets know how to help sick bunnies.  Yes.  At least our vet does.  He specializes in “exotic pets,” including rabbits.  And if you’ve got a sick monkey, he can help you with that too. 

Rabbits have two primary skills: eating and pooping.  Penny was doing neither when I took him to the vet yesterday.  Turns out he has a systemic infection and has been losing blood in his urine and has a mass of stuff stuck in his belly because his digestive system shut down.  He was in pain and looked most woebegone.

Under the good doctor’s care Penny has resumed pooping and will hopefully be eating by tomorrow.  Then he can come home from the bunny hospital. 

Extra carrots with green tops for all of you!


18 thoughts on “BUNNY UPDATE

  1.   Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Penny.  After suffering through the high protein diet phase, I have extreme sympathy for any critter with a pooping problem. 

  2. How did Penny get his name?  Thing Two named a kitten “Janet” until we learned she was a he, and renamed him Jay.I’m glad he’s back to pooping.  What talent.

  3. And how great that you have an exotic animal vet nearby!  The closest one to us is an hour or more away and that was a pill when we had a parrot (he was exotics/avian).

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